ipad-2-review-gallery-01The iPad 2 is Apple’s second-generation iPad and is currently two generations behind the latest iPad, although in less than a day it will be three generations behind. However it seems that despite the tablet being old, slower, and featuring a less-sharp display compared to the iPad 3 and 4, it remains the most popular iPad around. This is according to a recent study conducted by Localytics who has found that the iPad 2 is still Apple’s most widely used tablet and has more active users than the iPad 3 and iPad 4 combined! Their study finds that the iPad 2 accounts for 38% of all active iOS tablets, with the iPad 3 only commanding 19%, while the fourth-gen iPad comes in at 18%.

So why is the iPad 2 still so popular despite it not being as “good” as the third or fourth-gen iPad? According to Localytics, “this could be an indication that the innovation in tablets is slowing down and the perceived differentiation of the latest-generation tablets is getting smaller with each new release.” It could also be possible that cost plays a factor as well, with the iPad 2 being cheaper than its successors, so for those who aren’t too fussy over hardware and display resolution, the cheaper iPad 2 would be a logical choice. What do you guys think?

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