Apple iPad Air II - 6The iPad Air was released in the later part of 2013 and assuming that Apple keeps to their schedule, we can look forward to a new iPad Air later on in the year as well. So how will the new iPad Air look like? Will it keep the same design as its predecessor? Well thanks to photos surfacing online, we now have a better look at the iPad Air 2’s design.

Apple iPad Air II - 3We should note that the tablet pictured in the photos above are apparently mockups. We have to say that the photos do look pretty clean so there is a good chance that these photos are concept renderings. However they do serve a purpose as they can give us an idea of what we might be able to expect in the actual model, give or take some design changes.

Apple iPad Air II - 4That being said, the photos show off the home button on the iPad Air 2 which also appears to sport the Touch ID fingerprint sensor as well. It has been rumored in the past that Touch ID is one of the features that could make its way into future iPads, and code listings in iOS 7.1 seem to hint at Touch ID for the iPad as well.

Apple iPad Air II - 8Apart from that the design of the iPad Air 2 appears to be more or less similar to its predecessor. However there are some subtle changes, such as its power button which appears to be more depressed compared to its predecessors, where it protruded out a bit more. Oddly enough the orientation lock toggle seems to be missing, but perhaps it could be because this is a dummy unit.

Apple iPad Air II - 2In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys make of it so far?

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