ipad-review-2012-04According to an earlier rumor, it has been suggested that Apple could be gearing up to release another variant of the iPhone 5c, except that this model will come with 8GB of storage which is even lower than the default storage from before which was at 16GB.

We’re not sure why Apple would want to release an iPhone 5c with even less storage space, but chances are that it will be priced cheaper, which would then make it more appealing to those shopping on a budget. However it seems that not only will Apple be refreshing the iPhone 5c with a lower capacity model, but they will be refreshing its iPad 4 as well.

According to reports, Apple will be planning to release an iPad 4 alongside the 8GB iPhone 5c. But wait, didn’t Apple release the iPad 4 a long time ago? Yup they sure did, except that the relaunch of the iPad 4 will be used to replace the iPad 2 which is still being sold by Apple as a cheaper alternative to the iPad Air.

It has been reported that the iPad 2 is facing supply constraints, which is why the re-introduction of the iPad 4 will be used to replace it, as well as helping to re-ignite iPad growth. The iPad 4, for those unfamiliar, is a slight upgrade over the iPad 3. It maintains its Retina display but will pack slightly faster hardware, as well as the Lightning port while the iPad 3 and the iPad 2 are still relying on the 30-pin dock connector.

Pricing remains unknown, but the folks at 9to5Mac have learnt that the LTE 16GB iPad 4 will cost $559, making it $30 higher than the 3G version of the iPad 2. Based on this pricing, it has been speculated that the WiFi-only iPad 4 model could start at $429, making it $30 higher than the iPad 2 which is priced at $399.

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