You know how you love living out the rough-and-tumble lifestyle? Well, surely the great outdoors-loving person like you would want to make sure whatever you bring along with you is also tough as nails, and won’t break in the blink of an eye. Well, the JOOS Orange personal charger fits the bill perfectly, being a solar-powered charger that targets mobile devices, where it should be able to live up to the kind of “abuse” you put it through via your adventures.

Coming in roughly the same size as that of a paperback book, the JOOS Orange is capable of generating electricity even when it is rather cloudy outside – or even in rainy conditions, yo! Heck, it still works when submerged under water, or even after you shoot it with a .22 caliber rifle as seen in the video after the jump.

The JOOS Orange solar charger is also said to be up to 20 times more efficient than comparable solar chargers, where a solitary hour of direct sunlight exposure will be able to net you up to two hours of cellphone use thanks to its large lithium-ion polymer battery which can stash away enough juice to power up three smartphones or a quartet of normal cellphones. If there’s no sun, fret not – the $139.99 JOOS Orange can still be charged up via USB.

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