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Sunny Case Is A Solar Charger For iPhone That Doubles As A Stand
There’s no shortage of solar chargers in the market but a new contender is making an entry today. What’s interesting is that this solar charger has been made exclusively for the iPhone so if you own any other smartphone, you won’t be able to do much with it. Called Sunny Case, the solar charger uses “the newest and most powerful solar panels” available on the market to ensure the fastest […]

Changers portable solar charger lets you earn money while charging
While solar power may be a rather attractive option given the state of our environment, sometimes going green might be more expensive compared to the more traditional route, so as good as some of our intentions are, going green is just out of our budget. However that may soon change thanks to Berlin-based startup company Changers.

mPowerpad Solar Charger shoos mosquitoes away as well
We all know that for the majority of us, we get at least 10 hours of sunlight each day without fail, even more so for those who live in tropical countries. Having said that, don’t you think that it would be a no-brainer to introduce solar chargers in such countries? Granted, the efficiency of such panels are still not as high as what we hope it would be, but the […]

Changers uses solar power to juice up your device
Solar power is definitely something that companies ought to figure out how to harness to its maximum ability – after all, it is free and pretty consistent, depending on which part of the globe you’re residing at. Changers’ latest solar powered gadget-charging system was specially designed to deliver juice to your USB devices via a simply one-button device. It does not matter whether you’re rocking to an iDevice, e-book reader […]


A-Solar Travel Pal charges your devices and keeps you safe
Solar-powered chargers aren’t uncommon nowadays and are pretty good alternatives to regular chargers, especially for people who are always on the go or outdoors all the time. Well, A-Solar has come up with a new charger called the Travel Pal. What makes it different from other chargers is its multi-functionality. Besides housing an internal battery that stores power and charging your USB devices (i.e. phones and tablets), it also works […]

LCDs charged up using solar power, own backlight
Researchers and scientists have managed to discover a method that will enable LCD displays juice themselves up using nothing but solar power, indoor lighting or even the device’s very own backlight. To put it in a nutshell, imagine delivering some much needed battery power to your smartphone that is sputtering along to its final 10% of battery simply by pointing it towards the sun – without having to plug it […]

JOOS Orange personal charger is tough as nails
You know how you love living out the rough-and-tumble lifestyle? Well, surely the great outdoors-loving person like you would want to make sure whatever you bring along with you is also tough as nails, and won’t break in the blink of an eye. Well, the JOOS Orange personal charger fits the bill perfectly, being a solar-powered charger that targets mobile devices, where it should be able to live up to […]

Nokero solar phone charger targets the poor
It is said that “500 million of the world’s cell phone owners have no access to electricity” – at least according to a Hong Kong and Denver-based company who claims that solar power charging panels are the solution to this question. It does make me wonder though, are there 500 million people in this world who know that they have no access to electricity, and yet proceeded to purchase a […]

A concept solar powered charger that is said to work under many weather conditions
We understand that using solar power to charge your phone isn’t exactly news, but perhaps this solar powered charging concept by designer Nikolay Bastrakov might have a little something extra to it that will make it more interesting.

Mitsubishi solar powered charging station for EVs debut
Mitsubishi has just debuted their solar-powered charging station for electric vehicles (EV) today at the MMNA headquarters in Cypress, California. This is fine and dandy considering how electric cars are rather fashionable and popular in California itself. As for the charging station, it will be powered by ninety six 175W photovoltaic modules from Mitsubishi Electric. What kind of vehicles will this charging station be able to juice up? For starters, […]

Portable solar charger on the cheap, thanks to UM students
Solar power is definitely one of the better ways to harvest free energy from our surroundings, and when it comes to rural areas, it is one of the best ways to provide green and sustainable energy without having to cut down large tracts from the forest. The University of Michigan should be proud that three of its alumni from the engineering faculty have come up with the Emerald portable solar […]

Apple-Shaped Solar Charger With Leaf-shaped Solar Panels
We’ve previously seen a leaf-shaped solar panel, one that doesn’t look so out of place when installed into our garden, and to take the concept one step further, the company has followed up the idea by coming up with the world’s first solar-powered “energy apple tree“, which uses the previously-mentioned leaf-shaped panels to harness solar energy. The idea behind this concept is to seamlessly integrate solar power into our surroundings, […]

Electree solar charger enters production
The Electree was once a concept by Vivien Muller a couple of years ago, and the device has now evolved into an actual unit – thanks to a small family-run company taking up the task of manufacturing it. Gotta love the wordplay on the name, as its leaves are actually photovoltaic panels which enable users to recharge mobile devices through sunlight. There is a total of 42 cells, where all […]

Indian Students Develop Helmet That Can Charge Mobile Devices
Eco technology seems to be the latest craze, and now two engineering students from a university in India have developed a helmet that can double up as a cell phone charger. The helmet is a result of their work for the university’s “green fest” and considering that it only costs about $23, sounds like a good deal. Exact technical details on how the helmet will be charging your mobile phone […]