Junaio scan images 01

Junaio 3.0 - scan a painting in a museum to get information about the painter

Junaio is one of the top augmented reality mobile browsers out there; the two most famous competitors are Wikitude and Layar. Today, metaio, the developer behind the application, is releasing Junaio 3.0 with a key feature labeled “Scan The world”. It allows users to scan anything from pictures to bar codes or QR codes and get information about it from Junaio’s channels – note that the objects or images scanned have to be stored in the Junaio database in order to provide interaction with users.

For example, scanning a painting in a museum gives access to the painter’s information, a barcode or a QR code scan can trigger access to a website, a shopping micro-site or other related information, depending on the data sources available from various partner platforms.

See below a few visual examples of what can be done using the Scan feature in Junaio.

Junaio scan qr codes

Junaio 3.0 - scan a QR code in a newspaper that launches a basket ball game video

The feature is also available for developers, potential applications are limitless; it could be used to create interactive 3D Augmented Reality user manuals, reach mobile audience with multimedia and dynamic AR displays, to  enhance artistic creations with added effects, trailers can be displayed on the phone by pointing at movie posters…

Check out the demo video from which the picture are taken here.

Junaio scan bar codes

Junaio 3.0 - scan barcodes on food products to find ingredients for a recipe


Junaio scan magazine

Junaio 3.0 - scan a magazine and get an augmented reality graphic experience

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