Having drunk people in a crowd or at a public place is usually not be a good idea. While not everyone indulges in brawls when drunk, a crowd of sober persons is definitely lot more preferable. However, it is very hard to individually check out the sobriety of every person in places thronging with people, for instance at train stations.

To solve this problem, researchers at University of Patras are working on developing a new software that can discern whether or not a person is drunk simply through a face-scan. The software makes use of two key calculations which lets it make a reasonably accurate guess.

Firstly, the software checks the color tone of the face. When a person is drunk, the blood vessels dilate, causing the color of the skin to change. By determining the color of a given face and then comparing it against a database of normal skin tone, the software is able to tell if a person is drunk.

Secondly, the software gauges the temperature of a person’s face via thermal imaging. A drunk person’s nose is usually warmer while the forehead is cool. After locating these features through an algorithm, a camera scans them for their temperatures.

Through these two key calculations, the software is able to pick out such individuals within a crowd who are drunk. Researchers believe that such a software is very promising in that it can help the authorities deal with inebriated individuals at public places before they can cause any trouble.

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