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New Face-Scanning Technology Can Spot Drunks
Having drunk people in a crowd or at a public place is usually not be a good idea. While not everyone indulges in brawls when drunk, a crowd of sober persons is definitely lot more preferable. However, it is very hard to individually check out the sobriety of every person in places thronging with people, for instance at train stations.To solve this problem, researchers at University of Patras are working […]

Junaio 3.0: Universal Scanner to “Scan the World”
 Junaio is one of the top augmented reality mobile browsers out there; the two most famous competitors are Wikitude and Layar. Today, metaio, the developer behind the application, is releasing Junaio 3.0 with a key feature labeled “Scan The world”. It allows users to scan anything from pictures to bar codes or QR codes and get information about it from Junaio’s channels – note that the objects or images scanned […]

New software removes "naked" body scans (airport security)
Airport security is never easy. Ever since the rise of aircraft-related crimes in recent years, the country has taken serious measures to ensure the safety of its flight crew and passengers on planes. One of the measures implemented to counter this problem has been full-body x-ray scanners that reveal everything about a passenger, most importantly: what’s underneath their clothes. Unfortunately this means that passengers are left in plain view, totally […]

Google and the British Library plan to digitize 250,000 out-of-copyright books
Great news for fans out old, out-of-print literature that’s practically impossible to get your hands on nowadays. The British Library and Google have announced that they will be working together to digitize 250,000 out-of-copyright books from the Library’s collections (from years 1700-1870). The aim of this move is to increase access to anyone who wants the books for research or reading purposes.The books will be selected by the British Library, […]


Hipscan makes QR codes cool again
Everything seems to be about NFC these days, but when there are more phones on the market that are unable to scan NFC cards compared to those that can, it’s catching on pretty slowly. However, most phones (if not all smartphones) can read QR codes with their built-in cameras, but it’s not exactly at the pinnacle of popularity.However, the folks over at Hipscan plans to change that. The company has […]

Stery-Hand makes sure you wash your hands properly
When you wash your hands, how do you know if your hands are clean enough? Most of the time you don’t really know. A test would be to eat food using your bare hands and see if you get sick the next day – other than that, there’s really not much you can do. Well, some students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics have come up with a […]

Researchers try to determine if you’re a pro gamer with science
Are researchers running out of things to research about? Probably not, but a group of psychology professors at the University of Illinois have been doing some research and discovered that you can tell how gifted someone is at gaming by analyzing their brain. According to them, a scan of the basal ganglia (the part of the brain in charge of voluntary motor control, habits, eye movements and cognitive, emotional functions) […]

Concept: Document Extractor Monitor Allows You To Easily Print Or Scan Documents
This Document Extractor concept monitor is something that many folks would love to have, regardless of whether they’re in a home or office environment. This monitor supports multi-touch input and allows the user to easily select a portion of the display for printing – prints that will be churned out at the bottom of the monitor itself, since it features an integrated printer. So you can ditch those fancy screen […]

Tobii S32 recorded speech device
The Tobii S32 recorded speech device is a unique gadget that enables one to communicate using pre-recorded messages which can be activated at the touch of a finger. Apart from pre-recorded messages, it also handles sounds or IR-signals simply by touching a sheet of printed symbols, pictures, or scenes. These messages can be recorded straight onto the Tobii S32 or through the Tobii SymbolMate software, where the latter allows a […]

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Review
Most people look at scanners as a commodity that sometimes comes for free in the form of a printer/scanner combo (like my Canon MP150), but those who do serious scanning can boost their productivity simply by using a faster scanner and better document management software. Where the limit is between casual and heavier scanning can vary a lot. In my case, I scan a lot of receipts and thousands of […]