Back in the day when I was a whole lot younger, being an Iron Man meant having a fully pumped up bod, as interest in the Iron Man comics were at a low ebb, since mutants had always proved to be hot property. Well, the casting of Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel movie as Iron Man proved to be a masterstroke, reviving interest in said Avenger, but what about the ordinary man like you and I who have no capability to ever invent a suit like that? You can always buy one – while it won’t turn you into one of the earth’s mightiest heroes, it will still make you a formidable opponent in a brawl with the Sarcos XOS 2 exoskeleton.

Touted to be 5 years away from production, this wearable robotics suit will help augment your strength thanks to a system of high-pressure hydraulics, sensors, actuators, and controllers. Not only that, your agility isn’t hampered as you can still play soccer, although we won’t recommend you jump into a tackle with this puppy unless you want to get red carded.

This is an interesting exoskeleton that might go a long way in the construction industry as men won’t tire out so easily, and for folks who need assistance in getting around due to their frail bodies, the XOS 2 is certainly a modern marvel to be wondered at. Hopefully it isn’t going to burn a huge hole in your pockets when it is finally available.

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