I am quite sure that you would have watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron by now, and some of you might even have watched the movie more than once. Iron Man plays a central role in this film yet again, with his Ultron program aiming to be a worldwide police so that he and the rest of the team can relax a little bit, but Murphy’s Law kicks in. The thing is, while the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man limited edition has certainly caused quite a buzz recently, it looks like only folks living in South Korea and other Asian countries will be able to pick it up. What if there was an iPhone 6 edition in the same vein?

The thing is, this is not an official Apple release, but rather, for a far more humble $25 a pop, you too, will be able to dress up your iPhone 6 in some Iron Man ensemble. This is made possible thanks to Slickwraps’ all-new ‘Hero Series’ wraps that has rolled out for the flagship device from Apple, where it will transform just about any color configuration of the iPhone 6 (the iPhone 6 Plus included) into a piece that carries an Iron Man theme, now how about that?

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