If there’s one tech billionaire that regularly gets compared to the superhero Tony Stark, it’s Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. He’s been known to kid around about this, but the latest joke he makes at the expense of the Pentagon really makes us wonder if one day Musk will declare himself the Iron Man in a press conference. He tweeted something in response to a CNN report about Musk meeting with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter at the Pentagon.

Musk replied to a CNN tweet about his visit to the Pentagon. “What was Elon Musk doing at the Pentagon,” the CNN tweet asked, to which he replied “something about a flying metal suit…”

It could just be that Musk is pulling CNN’s leg and making light of a meeting that didn’t have anything to do with an Iron Man suit. However, it merits mentioning here, that the Pentagon’s official description about Musk’s visit is that he was there to talk about “innovation,” whatever that may be.

Chances are there isn’t an Iron Man suit being constructed somewhere deep below the Pentagon, even if there is it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know about it, but leave it up to Musk to never pass on a good opportunity to make a rather obvious joke.

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