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Furrion Exo-Bionic Racing Mech Takes To The CES Showfloor
[CES 2017] How many of us were inspired by the movie Pacific Rim, where we lost ourselves in the thought of actually mind-melding with massive robots to combat untold horrors from a different dimension? Sure, the whole kaiju genre has been explored far earlier on, but none had the amazing special effects that Pacific Rim had. Well, Furrion is still light years away from such a possibility, but this has […]

Hyundai Is Making An Exoskeleton
Exoskeletons are being built by many companies, they can help enhance lifting capacity and even prevent injuries, but Hyundai is making one that does more than that. It’s creating an exoskeleton which it calls a “wearable robot,” one that will enable soldiers to carry up to 110 pounds over long distances and workers to lift objects that weigh hundreds of pounds. Hyundai’s latest creation is an upgrade of the H-LEX […]

Exoskeleton Lets You Feel Old All Over
Normally, we love to check out exoskeletons, as these happen to provide one with additional strength, so much so that even children are capable of coming up with their own exoskeleton creation. How about increasing the efficiency of a footsoldier with an exoskeleton that can help improve one’s aim on the battlefield? Well, this particular exoskeleton that you see above will be very different. Rather than making you feel as […]

AJAX Exoskeleton Created By Children
Do not look down on the little ones, as many of them tend to have a kind of imagination that you would be surprised at. Take AJAX for example – this is a unique hydraulic exoskeleton that one might think hails from a higher institution of learning, but in reality, AJAX is the brainchild of students from the Bay School of San Francisco. This unique team of brainiacs comprise of […]


DIY Exo-Suit Sees Man Lift 170-Pound Barbell Without Breaking A Sweat
Exoskeletons are a great idea in helping humans augment their natural strength, and if used properly, a person could end up having the strength of 10 men or even more, depending on how the entire exoskeleton has been designed. In fact, we just talked about the Ratchet Exoskeleton Boots that helps make walking more efficient, although this DIY exo-suit does more than just aid one in his or her walk.

Robotic Walker Helps Patients Regain Natural Gait
We have seen exoskeletons like the Honda Walker in the past that will help patients who have difficulty moving about to be able to get around without human help, and this time around, another effort from a research team headed by Assistant Professor Yu Haoyong at the National University of Singapore have come up with a robotic walker that intends to help physiotherapists out.

Exoskeleton Helps Paralyzed Rat To Walk Again
Humans have exoskeletons to help us carry some really heavy stuff around, as well as perhaps help the paralyzed to walk again. How about animals? Well, this is one animal testing procedure that we hope will succeed to so that similar technology can be ported over to help humans walk again, without harming any lab rats in the process, of course. Scientists have managed to electrically stimulate the severed part […]

Panasonic AWN-02 Assist Suit Is Another Exoskeleton
Last week, we read about how the Soft Exosuit gained another $3 million in funding from DARPA to turn it into reality, and this just goes to show how work among the different military agencies around the world, as well as companies, are in a race to deliver a decent performing robot suit that will help provide a distinct advantage to humans when it comes to their roles – ranging […]

Soft Exosuit Gains $3 Million Funding From DARPA
Wyss Institute has managed to snag a cool $3 million funding from the folks over at DARPA in order to develop their unique Soft Exosuit even further. Just what is the Soft Exosuit all about? Well, this is basically a biologically inspired smart suit which can be worn right under clothing, and it could play a huge role in helping soldiers on the ground to march a whole lot farther, […]

Paralyzed Teen To Kick First 2014 World Cup Ball Using An Exoskeleton
The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off next month in Brazil. Countless fans will make the journey to watch their favorite teams play at the venues while millions of people around the world will tune into the action. The opening ceremony will likely be worth watching but this time around people will also get to witness a demonstration of an exoskeleton being controlled by a human through neural signals.

Activelink Powerloader Light PLL-04 Exoskeleton In Action
I am quite sure that many of us who have watched the movie Aliens in our younger days would have had the scene where Ripley went toe to toe with the Alien, where the former wore an exoskeleton in order to help balance up the odds in the fight. Well, the future of seeing exoskeletons being worn by normal humans is here, as Activelink depicts in the video above which […]

Robot Exoskeleton Allows 4-Year Old Girl Work Her Arms
Exoskeletons used to be the stuff of dreams, where my first exposure to an exoskeleton was when Ellen Ripley went mano a mano with the Alien Queen. Over the years, however, technology has advanced to such a degree that it might feature in our day-to-day lives. After all, one can already rent the Honda Walking Assist Exoskeleton in Japan, and for four-year old Hannah Mohn, it is a robot exoskeleton […]

Body Suit Turns You Into Superman
Ever wondered how it would feel like if you were a whole lot stronger than you are now? You know, the macho images of a buffed up beefcake who charms the ladies with his smooth words as well as tanned and well sculpted body. Well, one need not be born with mutant powers in order to be endowed with superhuman strength, but rather, to rely on technology in order to […]

Indego Exoskeleton Helps Paralyzed Man Walk Again
I still remember how Professor X had the help of Shi’ar technology to allow him to walk when he brought his X-Men to confront Magneto, but it did take plenty of effort from him to use his vast mental powers to run the thing. Such a fictional setting has become reality this time around, thanks to the introduction of the Indego exoskeleton. The person wearing it as you can see […]

Exoskeleton Glove Created By Teen
You might want to take notice of the name Charalampos Ioannou from now on, as he is one smart teen who decided to work on an exoskeleton glove after seeing his grandmother’s hand being unable to hold a remote control within. Well, we are glad to say that his hard work as well as genius has paid off, as Charalampos Ioannou’s exoskeleton glove has managed to make its way to […]

Robo-mate Exoskeleton Being Developed In Europe
Manual labor is hard work, no doubt about it. However, technology could very well help us humans out when it comes to heavy lifting, and here we are with a conceptual exoskeleton that is being developed so that humans need not hurt their fragile backs any more by accident whenever they handle heavy weights. These efforts to turn concept into reality for an exoskeleton in the workplace are currently undergoing, […]

Japan Girls Get Exoskeleton
Exoskeleton for girls in Japan?

Soft Exosuit Could Be More User Friendly
A soft exosuit could be the future of exoskeletons.

Ekso Bionics exoskeleton paraded
When it comes to those who cannot walk anymore due to a spinal cord injury, moving around is not that much of an issue if you are on a wheelchair. However, I am quite sure that there are moments when one would feel really, really depressed or down about the situation, and somehow wished that they could once again get up and walk – or even run, just like the […]