Many of us fail to understand why there’s no full-fledged Iron Man game out yet even though games featuring other superheros have been released, and while there’s no hope yet that an Iron Man title will be released soon, there is a way you can fulfill your fantasy of taking Tony Stark’s suit out for a spin. There’s a GTA 5 Iron Man mod which actually happens to be quite impressive to say the least.

The GTA 5 Iron Man mod has been created by JulioNB who is well known in the modding community for the superhero character mods that he has created for GTA 4.

His latest work is an Iron Man mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 which uses a script and an Iron Man character model to allow you to play as the billionaire superhero.

Even though the mod is still an early version the Iron Man suit is quite capable, you can hover, rocket punch, shoot lasers, slam and do much more. The video posted above shows all that the suit is capable of doing in GTA 5 and also contains the pertinent links to the install instructions for this GTA 5 mod.

It goes without saying that you’re out of luck if you’re playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on a console because mods can only be applied on PC.

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