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Elon Musk Talked To The Pentagon About A 'Flying Metal Suit'
If there’s one tech billionaire that regularly gets compared to the superhero Tony Stark, it’s Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. He’s been known to kid around about this, but the latest joke he makes at the expense of the Pentagon really makes us wonder if one day Musk will declare himself the Iron Man in a press conference. He tweeted something in response to a CNN report about Musk […]

Spider-Man Likely To Feature In Captain America: Civil War
Marvel’s deal with Sony took a lot of us by surprise earlier this year when it was confirmed that Spider-Man will feature in one of its titles first before a full-fledged movie is released in July 2017. This meant that Spidey could either feature in Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy or Captain America: Civil War. New details have surfaced which make it seem very likely for Spider-Man to be […]

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Could Get Its Own Superhero Edition
Samsung and Marvel have a very strong partnership, the companies have been working together for years on projects that promote their products. We’ve seen Samsung tech make an appearance in Marvel films and we’ve seen Marvel team up with Samsung to create accessories and even an Iron Man limited edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge. If a new rumor it to be believed then perhaps the two companies might be […]

GTA 5 Iron Man Mod Is Very Impressive
Many of us fail to understand why there’s no full-fledged Iron Man game out yet even though games featuring other superheros have been released, and while there’s no hope yet that an Iron Man title will be released soon, there is a way you can fulfill your fantasy of taking Tony Stark’s suit out for a spin. There’s a GTA 5 Iron Man mod which actually happens to be quite impressive […]


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition Sold For $91,000!
The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition which was launched late last month is definitely one of the cooler designs or external variant of the flagship smartphone from the South Korean conglomerate. While I am quite sure that it does fetch a premium due to its limited availability, this does not mean that it warrants a $91,000 price tag, right?

Iron Man iPhone 6 Edition Imagined
I am quite sure that you would have watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron by now, and some of you might even have watched the movie more than once. Iron Man plays a central role in this film yet again, with his Ultron program aiming to be a worldwide police so that he and the rest of the team can relax a little bit, but Murphy’s Law kicks in. The […]

Iron Man’s Laser Glove Recreated Complete With Sound Effects
You might recall a scene from the Iron Man 2 movie in which Tony Stark uses a laser beam projected from his glove to cut down the robots surrounding him and War Machine. It produced a very cool laser sound and even had the neat little effect of being ejected from his wrist after the laser cartridge was spent.Well it looks like German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe is a huge […]

President Obama: We Are Building Iron Man. Maybe.
Remember that scene in the first Iron Man movie where Tony Stark admits that he is Iron Man? Well President Barack Obama had a similar moment when he recently announced the the US Army will be building an Iron Man-like suit of their own.In his speech (check it out in the video above), President Obama was quoted as saying, “Basically, I’m here to announce that we’re building Iron Man […] […]

Get Your Own Iron Man Mark III Suit For Just $1,999
There have been attempts in the past to come up with something similar to what is seen in the Iron Man movies, including an Iron Man helmet that actually opens up and closes with but a single nod of the head. Sure, those were fun projects and all, but what happens when someone sets out with a vision to roll out actual, full sized Iron Man suits? This is where […]

TALOS “Iron Man” Suit For US Army Could Enter Testing By 2017
Imagine an army full of Iron Mans – now that would definitely strike fear into the heart of enemies, but I suppose this would only happen in the world of science fiction. After all, just one Iron Man suit alone is able to save an entire city at times, apparently, based on the comics that we have read in the past. The US Army too, wants an Iron Man of […]

3D Printed Iron Man Helmet Opens And Closes Through Nodding Of Your Head
What if Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark had their real life counterparts? Would the world be a whole lot different? The world of fiction might have come together, thanks to a dedicated Iron Man fan who has managed to recreate the Iron Man helmet thanks the help of a 3D printer, of course. What makes this particular Iron Man helmet all the more special is the fact that it can […]

US Military Looks To Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS)
Now here is something that might eventually make the jump from the world of science fiction to our reality. Remember how Tony Stark and his Iron Man suits made plenty of geeks drool in the movies? Well, a real life Iron Man suit might actually be in the pipeline, as the U.S. Army has already commissioned a kind of suit known as the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS), where […]

Elon Musk And Team Figure Out How To Design Rocket Parts Like Tony Stark
If there’s anything people love more than the Iron Man suit, it has to be the process Tony Stark goes through to actually build that suit. We’ve all watched in awe as various parts for the suit are designed by hand movements. We know its a movie and that there’s a lot of CGI involved, but that doesn’t stop us from wondering if something like that would ever be possible […]

Iron Man Cast Makes Us Want To Break All Of Our Bones For It
It’s not uncommon for kids to get a broken bone at some point in their life as they live a dangerous life between snacks, multiplayer sessions of Call of Duty and nap time. Having your friends sign your cast is something we’ve all grown up doing, but that trend will soon be over if something like the cast we’re featuring in this story takes off.Instead of asking your friends and […]

Iron Man Armor Power Bank Will Sport A Light Up Power Core Along With A 4,000mAh Battery
Earlier this month we shared with you guys an Iron Man-inspired iPhone case where the power core on the “suit” will actually light up, just like the comics and the movie. If you thought that was a cool concept and wouldn’t mind seeing it make its way onto other devices, you’re in luck as this Iron Man Armor Power Bank from Brando will do just that. This is essentially a […]

Iron Man Mark VII Armor Case For iPhone 5 Features A Flashing Power Core
This weekend is one comic book fans have been waiting all year for as Iron Man 3 will soon be released in theaters across the U.S. We know you’re probably excited enough to wear something Iron Man related, maybe even taking your 7-foot tall Iron Man figure with you. But true Iron Man fans who happen to have an iPhone 5 will want to also deck out their device with an […]

7-Foot Tall Iron Man Figure Will Make You The Envy Of The World For Just $8,500
Iron Man 3 is just a little over one week away from being released to theaters across the U.S., and we’re hoping you’re making a special trip to Japan to experience the film in 4D. If you would rather not spend thousands of dollars to watch the film in another country, then how about a few thousand to have a life-size Iron Man figure?The figure is a reproduction of the Iron […]

Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse Comes With Light Up Eyes, Arc Reactor Not Available
Are you excited for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie? We know we are, but whether it will live up to its hype remains to be seen. In the meantime it seems that to capitalize the hype and excitement and anticipation of the movie, Japanese company e-blue has released an officially licensed Iron Man mouse which will no doubt be grabbed up by collectors and fans around the world. The […]