I’ve always wondered just how humans would be able to square up against cyborgs if it ever boils down to such a situation in the future. Unless you are a Force practitioner like Obi Wan Kenobi, surely going up against someone like General Grievous is suicide? Punching metal isn’t my idea of fun, but perhaps the idea of a cyber warrior is a bridge between “now” and the future, with the US military working on the concept.

Cyber warriors will be interconnected in their very own way similar to how a soccer team works – imagine “continuous play, with offensive and defensive [skills] at all times” on the battlefield – operating and defending within the same cyberspace.

This would definitely require a far larger infrastructure to support a global cyber footprint, where positions will need to be filled by Cybercom headquarters in addition to its service components. Perhaps we will just make do with tech-enhanced soldiers at the moment before something far more ambitious can be achieved.

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