If there is an Achilles heel for modern day smartphones, it would definitely be the lack of lasting battery power in a stock model. Having a case that has an extended battery attached to it does not count – we more often than not need to juice up our smartphones before we retire for the night, otherwise they won’t last through the morning. What if there was a way to make sure your smartphone gets some juice throughout the day, especially if you’re given a seat right beside a window at the office? Apple was recently granted two new solar energy related patents, where Apple is looking into harnessing solar energy so that they are able to figure out a way to manufacture longer lasting devices.

Of course, having won a patent does not necessarily translate to an appearance on an actual device in the future, but it might help prevent the sale of your competitor’s devices in worldwide markets down the road if they decide to come up with something rather similar. To date, Apple’s most recent drawings and charts show off the construction and placement of photovoltaic cells, relying on the sun to illuminate a display.

Not only that, using a mirror that is pointed at the sky, you are able to reflect some rays in the direction of your screen in order to help provide more juice to an LED backlight, or heck, perhaps the classic top lid of a notebook can be transformed into a solar panel?

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