Disposable cups and styrofoam cups that you get for your coffee/tea tend to be bad for the environment. Sure, there are some coffee houses and restaurants who may give you your coffee/tea in a recycled paper cup, but how about a tumbler that encourages you to use it in place of a paper/styrofoam cup? If that sounds like something you could get on board with, the From Tumbler has an interesting concept that will make saving the environment a little more fun.

Based on the design and description, the From Tumbler is your typical tumbler, with the difference being that the design of the tumbler comprises of the Green World map, which features LED lights behind it. A sensor built into the base of the tumbler apparently can detect when you fill it with coffee, although we’re guessing that any hot drink should do the trick.

For every time that you use the tumbler to takeaway coffee from your local coffee shop or Starbucks, a portion of the Green World map will light up, thanks to the LED lights behind it. Basically if you were to use it every single day for an entire year (translating into 365 refills, assuming one per day), the entire map would light up. Granted this is probably a novelty feature, but it looks like fun and its design is rather eye-catching. Unfortunately it appears to be only a concept, but is this a tumbler you could see yourself buying if it were to be turned into a real product?

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