Earlier this month, eagle-eyed fans of Game of Thrones spotted in an episode of the show that there was a Starbucks cup in a scene that somehow made it past the editors. It was kind of hilarious to see how Starbucks had somehow found its way into the world of Westeros, further playing on the perception of how Starbucks seems to be everywhere.

For those who loved that particular scene, then you might be interested to learn that Skyrim gamer and mod creator johnrose81 has created a mod, dubbed Skyland Coffee, for Skyrim in which it places a Starbucks cup into the game. According to its creator, “Yes, this is a joke mod. Use it if you want or don’t. But don’t be trolling my comments about how this isn’t lore friendly or stupid. I will call you out.”

He does have a point where it is obviously not going to be part of the lore or the general environment of Skyrim, but this mod is clearly not aimed at those gamers, but rather gamers who don’t mind having a little fun and not take the game too seriously. Note that this mod seems to be for those who own Skyrim Special Edition and can be download from Nexus Mods.

For those who do not own the Special Edition version of Skyrim, there is another similar mod called “Mysterious Coffee Cup” by Sphered that is also available through Nexus Mods.

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