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Energy From Coffee Wastewater Project A Success
UTZ Certified must be pleased as punch to hear that their Energy from Coffee Wastewater project happens to be a success, as it is capable of generating energy at the same time go up against the issue of climate change and protect water resources as it treats discharges from coffee mills. The Energy from Coffee Wastewater project kicked off four years ago, where the main goal was to address the […]

Capsulekong Pays Homage To Donkey Kong While Serving You Coffee
There’s nothing that can wake someone up as quickly as a cup of coffee can. Coffee machines that use a capsule rather than the traditional method of pouring grounded up coffee beans into a coffee filter have grown in popularity over the years, but having those capsules thrown around can make your kitchen look like a complete mess. That’s why the Capsulekong should be the only method of holding coffee […]

Coffee Machine Activated By Yawns
Those who travel far and frequently would know the feeling of abject tiredness as they live out of a suitcase, and transit lounges are their second homes. While we are always advised to drink more water and some fruit juice on long travels, avoiding coffee since it is a diuretic, there is just this particular pull about coffee that makes it one drink that will perk you right up, especially […]

Coffee Haus Kiosk Might Replace Your Barista One Day
Do you think that robots would one day take over the role of a barista or bartender? Perhaps, and while electronic and robotic advancements have been made in those two areas, you can never really replace the human touch with robots for one simple reason – they’re robots. Still, a local company in Austin intends to disrupt the widespread coffee shop culture through the introduction of an “intelligent” Coffee Haus, […]


Have Coffee With Tim Cook For $50,000, The Money Goes To Charity
Tim Cook is auctioning off approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour of his time for anyone who can purchase that slot, they’ll get to have coffee with him at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The auction is being conducted by CharityBuzz, often celebrities use this platform to auction experiences so that they can raise money for charity. This coffee date with Tim Cook is valued at $50,000, and the proceeds from […]

KRUPS Barista EA9000 Fully Automated Cappuccino Machine
It’s the morning on the west coast, and this announcement came right on time. None of us here at Ubergizmo like to grind the coffee, which can be hazardous for geeky fingers controlled by a 65% operational brain in the (late) morning. Of course, the high-tech solution to that may be a one-touch coffee machine such as this KRUPS Barista EA9000 that comes with a large touch screen color display. […]

Scanomat TopBrewer brews you a cup of coffee via your iPhone/iPad
Ever wished you had a faucet that could dispense you coffee while being controlled via your iPhone? Okay to be honest that would be a rather weird wish and we’re not sure how many of you guys actually have that, but the good folks down at Scanomat have decided that there is a need for an iPhone-controlled-coffee-dispensing-faucet and thus the TopBrewer was born!

From Tumbler is an eco-friendly tumbler
Disposable cups and styrofoam cups that you get for your coffee/tea tend to be bad for the environment. Sure, there are some coffee houses and restaurants who may give you your coffee/tea in a recycled paper cup, but how about a tumbler that encourages you to use it in place of a paper/styrofoam cup? If that sounds like something you could get on board with, the From Tumbler has an […]

Aroma Lid makes your average coffee great
Well, what can I say about the Aroma Lid? I have not given it a go, but if it were to work as advertised, it would mean your regular cup of joe that you drink at the office? It will go from zero to hero in an instant. An adrenaline rush, to so speak, or perhaps the Captain Americanization of your double espresso. All through a lid, you say? Well, […]

Airspresso bike-pump espresso machine
If you’re a fan of espressos and camping, the Airspresso might be the espresso maker just for you. Imagine this – you’re in the middle of the jungle with no Starbucks or power outlet within walking distance, and you’re desperate for that triple shot espresso, what do you do? Unless you have a battery pack and an espresso machine you’re probably out of luck. But if you had the Airspresso, […]

The Millennium Table holds your coffee while you play games
Are you a fan of coffee and arcade gaming? Then the Millennium Table might be just the right table for you. This interesting coffee table comes with an in-built arcade machine that contains 60 classic games such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Asteroids! If you’re a clumsy drinker, you can rest assured that any coffee spillages won’t be damaging your arcade machine that’s tucked away safely behind some see through […]

Clockwork Robot Makes Your Morning Coffee
Don’t have a secretary to make your coffee for you every morning? We can understand that, and that’s precisely what robots are for, right? Clockwork’s little robot is one cute little robot that we wouldn’t mind having around the office, though, especially since it seems to make a mean cup of coffee. With robots like these, who would ever want to make their own cup of coffee, right? Video of […]