If you often go cycling, and we don’t mean around the park or neighborhood, but cycling along the highway especially with your other cyclist buddies, you’re probably painfully aware that it is close to impossible to talk to them especially over the sound so cars and lorries whizzing by you, along with the wind whistling by your ears as you cycle. So if you’re sick of yelling over the sound of traffic to your buddies, Free2Move has released a Bluetooth communications system that was designed for cyclists in mind.

The HIOD One system comprises of two parts – one being an arm-mounted voice module that comes with a pair of earphones and a microphone, and the second being a wrist or handlebar-mounted control module. With the microphone being strapped to the cyclists helmet, riders will be able to communicate with each other as long as they are within 400 meters of each other.

The battery powering the HIOD One is said to be able to allow for up to ten hours worth of talking, but the downside to the device is that it only allows for up to six HIOD One wearing riders to stay connected with each other. This isn’t an issue if your group of cyclist buddies is small, but if roll in a group of six and more, this could be a problem. On top of all that, users will be able to use the HIOD One to make/receive phone calls and stream music from linked music players from other riders.

The HIOD One is not available for purchase just yet, as Free2Move is currently feeling out the market and looking to see who will be willing to sell/purchase the device. If this sounds like something you could get on board with, drop by their website and let them know!

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