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Rumors are swirling about the possible death of the Mac Pro, the desktop Mac that is not really getting a lot of love from the buyers, or from Apple itself if you think about it. It is the line that is the slowest to receive updates, and when they do, it’s not all that exciting anyway.  The reason is simple: most of Apple computer sales  are made of laptops, then iMacs probably come in second leaving the Mac pro a distant third.

While this may be true, the Mac Pro business is supposedly still growing and setting new records, just at a much slower pace than its portable counterparts, so can Apple kill the Mac pro to focus on other computers? It “can” because the only ones who would really care are the professional types who use it to handle design on huge files etc. In my opinion, even the semi-pro or small business designer can work on an iMac now, but if your company depends on the Mac Pro because you require a ton of memory or a huge graphics card, life may suck soon.

In the end, things could go both ways. Apple can certainly afford to keep this line, but it would benefit greatly from removing it as it can focus relatively scarce human resources to other, more juicy, products. How would you feel if the Mac Pro was going to the grave?

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