Today at Apple’s Peek Performance event, the company unveiled their latest computer, the Mac Studio. What’s interesting about this computer is that it is the first computer to use Apple’s new M1 Ultra chip.

For those who are unfamiliar, the M1 Ultra is a new variant of the M1 chipset that debuted back in 2020 and it is essentially two M1 Max chips sandwiched together for better performance. Apple made some bold claims like how it is 90% faster compared to the 16-core Intel Xeon Mac Pro, and now leaked benchmarks show that Apple wasn’t just making empty boasts.

According to the leaked benchmarks, it shows how the 20-core M1 Ultra chipset actually outperformed Intel’s 28-core Xeon W chip that can be found in the highest-end Mac Pro computer. Based on the scores, the M1 Ultra  managed a single core score of 1,793, and a multi-core score of 24,055.

This is versus the 28-core Intel Xeon W which managed a single core score of 1,152 and a multi-core score of 19,951, meaning that the M1 Ultra managed to blow past the Intel Xeon W with ease. So for professionals who might be interested in a new Mac for video editing or rendering graphics or exporting high-resolution files, perhaps the M1 Ultra Mac Studio could be a computer worth considering.

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