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Someone Just Made A Skateboard Using Apple’s $700 Mac Pro Wheels
There’s no denying the power of Apple’s new Mac Pro, but there’s also no denying how much it costs, and there’s even no way of denying that some of the accessories that Apple is selling for the computer are just ridiculously priced. Take for example the wheels for the Mac Pro that allows it to be easily moved around.

Mac Pro Reaches Its Limits With 6,000 Open Google Chrome Tabs
Apple’s Mac Pro has been designed to be one of the most powerful computers in the market today, or at least that’s how it’s being positioned. Users can configure it to the max where you could stuff as much as 1.5TB of RAM into it, meaning that in theory, it should be able to handle just about anything you throw at it.

How To Use AirDrop
AirDrop is Apple’s proprietary way of transferring files from one device to another, and here’s how you can use it.

Apple’s Macs Could Be Getting A ‘Pro Mode’ To Boost Performance
With most of Apple’s products, it is usually the company who decides how your devices function. This means that compared to other products and platforms, users do not have much control over it. For example, when it comes to determining whether to use the discrete GPU versus the GPU on the motherboard, this is entirely left to macOS to decide.


Apple’s Most Expensive Mac Pro Just Got A Bit More Pricey
When Apple’s Mac Pro was released, it was discovered that if you were to fully spec out the computer with the highest-end specs possible, it would cost you around $53,000. If you thought that was already pretty expensive, then you might be interested to learn that it is about to get a bit more expensive than that.

Base Mac Pro Benchmarks Are Pretty Disappointing
Apple’s new Mac Pro is pretty expensive with a base starting price of $5,000. The computer is clearly aimed at industry professionals who might have the need for all that raw power and are willing to pay for it, but now thanks to new benchmark scores spotted on Geekbench 5, it seems a bit disappointing.

Apple Could Be Looking To Buy Broadcom’s RF Wireless Chip Business
Apple is a company that loves doing everything themselves. The iPhone is a perfect example of that, where it not only runs software made by Apple, but there are also components inside the iPhone that have been designed by Apple as well. This is why many are suggesting that Apple could be interesting in snapping up Broadcom’s RF wireless chip business.

Apple’s New Mac Pro Is Crazy Easy To Repair
A lot of our tech these days feels like they are meant to be replaced and not repaired. This makes financial sense as companies would much rather us buy a brand new product rather than hold onto a product for a long time and constantly repairing it when it gets broken. However, Apple’s new Mac Pro seems to be bucking that trend.

It Turns Out That Apple’s Mac Pro Makes For A Very Poor Cheese Grater
Ever since Apple’s Mac Pro was announced, many have made fun of the computer’s design, where due to the use of numerous holes, some have made comparisons to a cheese grater. Taking the joke and running with it are the good folks over at iFixit, where during their uncasing of the computer, they decided to see if the computer would make for a good cheese grater.

A Fully Maxed Out Mac Pro Will Set You Back An Eye-Watering $53,000
If you’ve been looking forward to getting your hands on Apple’s new Mac Pro, you might have heard that it is now available for order. The base model of the new Mac Pro does not come cheap, but it seems that if it isn’t powerful enough for your needs and would like to upgrade it, prepare to empty your bank account.

Apple’s New Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR Set For December 10 Release
Earlier this year, Apple announced their new Mac Pro desktop computers as well as the new Pro Display XDR. If you have been looking forward to either of these devices, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple finally has a release date for both of them and it is currently set for a release on the 10th of December.

Apple’s Mac Pro Workstation Will Begin Shipping In December
In June earlier this year, Apple announced a brand new Mac Pro computer. Unlike the previous-gen Mac Pro which kind of killed the upgradability of the Mac Pro, the new workstation offers up a more familiar tower case design that will allow users to better configure the computer to their liking.

New Black And Silver Accessories Revealed For The Mac Pro
For the longest time ever, Apple’s keyboard and mice were offered in a white and silver finish. However, when the iMac Pro was launched, the company launched a set of brand new accessories with a black and gray finish which was actually pretty well-received, and now it looks like we have a new option to choose from.

This Case Will Make Your PC Look Like Apple’s Mac Pro
Earlier this year, Apple announced that they would be launching a new Mac Pro computer. The new Mac Pro, unlike the “trash can” design, was created to allow for greater flexibility when it came to upgrading components, but it also featured a somewhat controversial “cheese grater” design, along with a heart-stopping price tag of $6,000 (assuming you don’t fully upgrade it).