This Case Will Make Your PC Look Like Apple’s Mac Pro

Earlier this year, Apple announced that they would be launching a new Mac Pro computer. The new Mac Pro, unlike the “trash can” design, was created to allow for greater flexibility when it came to upgrading components, but it also featured a somewhat controversial “cheese grater” design, along with a heart-stopping price tag of $6,000 (assuming you don’t fully upgrade it).

Mac Pros Are Crashing Across Hollywood

While there is no doubt that PCs are generally cheaper compared to Macs, Apple still has their fair share of customers, especially amongst the working professionals in the entertainment industry who seem to prefer using Apple’s Mac computers over a Windows PC. Unfortunately, it seems that due to a bug, there have been widespread reports of Mac Pros crashing across Hollywood.

Apple To Not Get Relief On Tariff For Mac Pro Parts Made In China

Apple, like many other U.S. countries, has outsourced almost the entirety of its manufacturing operations to China. The ongoing trade dispute between the two countries has resulted in complications for these companies as the products that they make and then import into the United States now face tariffs as the U.S. is imposing tariffs on products made in China. President Donald Trump has said that Apple won’t be given any […]

Apple To Assemble New Mac Pro In China And Not The U.S.

Apple has been manufacturing the Mac Pro at a plant in Austin, Texas, since 2013. However, it seems that the company is shifting production to China for the new Mac Pro model that was recently unveiled. This isn’t going to surprise anyone, though, given that the bulk of Apple’s products are manufactured in China.


These Are The MacBooks, iMacs, And Mac Pros That Will Get macOS Catalina

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced macOS Catalina. This is Apple’s latest version of macOS that they plan on releasing later in the year, but the question is, is your computer compatible with the latest update? For those who are wondering, Apple has published a list of Mac computers that are eligible for the update.

Apple’s New Mac Pro Could Cost $50,000 Fully Specced Out

Apple recently took the wraps off their new Mac Pro and as we said, it does not come cheap where it has a base price of $5,999. This means that should a user customize it with higher-end hardware, things could get pricey, but how pricey? Apple has yet to put the computer up for sale which means that we’re not sure how much the other configurations could cost, but The […]

Apple’s New Mac Pro Is Insanely Powerful…And Expensive

From a design standpoint, it’s not that hard to see why Apple went with what they did for the previous-gen Mac Pro. The company was trying to aim for a smaller footprint, but it turns out that as powerful as those computers were, it lost the modularity and upgradability of the Mac Pro of the old.

How To Manage iCloud Storage

Apple’s iCloud makes for a pretty decent backup service for your macOS and iOS devices, but it is not unlimited and as such, you might eventually find yourself running low on space. You can check out our guide if you’d like to learn how to better manage your iCloud storage.

Future Mac Computers Could Power Its Wireless Accessories

Right now the majority of our wireless accessories for our computers are largely powered by batteries, such as our keyboards and mice. What this means is that in the event the battery runs out, we’d be left with a dead accessory and will need to recharge it to use again. For the most part, there are usually warnings provided well in advance to let us know when battery levels are […]

Apple’s New Mac Pro Could Feature A Stackable Design

One of the criticisms leveled at Apple’s current-gen Mac Pro is that trying to replace parts of upgrade its components is next to impossible. This is versus the previous design which looked more like a traditional desktop PC, which in turn allowed users to upgrade certain components as and when needed.

ARM Powered Mac Computers Could Make Their Debut In 2020

There have been rumors that Apple could be making the eventual shift from Intel chipsets on their Mac computers to ARM powered chipsets created by Apple themselves. Given Apple’s reliance on their own hardware, this rumor hardly comes as a surprise, and after years of rumors, it seems that those rumors could come to fruition in 2020.

Apple’s New Mac Pro Will Apparently Be Easy To Upgrade

Apple’s old Mac Pro was designed like a regular PC where you could open the case, remove the components, and upgrade them where necessary. However Apple later introduced a new Mac Pro design which more or less killed off the ability to make any substantial upgrades, something that many power users did not seem to appreciate.

Apple Confirms Four Day Sale For Black Friday Through Cyber Monday

We doubt that anyone has ever equated Apple with being cheap or affordable, but if you’re hoping to save some money, you might be interested to learn that Apple has announced on their website that they will be hosting a four-day sale starting on Black Friday and it will last through Cyber Monday.

Apple Debuts A New Redesigned Online Refurbished Store

Apple’s products have never been referred to as cheap. However if for whatever reason you must own an Apple product, then chances are you might already be familiar with the fact that Apple sells refurbished products on its website. In fact the company has recently launched a redesigned online refurbished store.