Leaked Apple Memo Warns Employees To Stop Leaking Information

Apple has in the past been known to be very tight-lipped and secretive about upcoming products, but in recent times it seems that there are more leaks than ever. In fact in what seems to be irony, a report from Bloomberg has revealed a leaked memo that Apple has sent to its employees warning them about leaking information to the public.

Apple’s Redesigned Mac Pro Will Ship Next Year

Apple has revealed some more information about the redesigned Mac Pro that many have been waiting for. They will not be delighted to find out that this computer isn’t going to be released in 2018. Apple has confirmed that the redesigned Mac Pro won’t start shipping before 2019. The modular workstation was previously expected by many to be released in 2018 but it hadn’t actually been confirmed by Apple.

Apple Ditching Intel Could Save Them $500 Million A Year

For many years now it has been rumored that Apple could be working on their own chips for their Mac computers. However a recent report from Bloomberg has revealed that come 2020, Apple could very well move away from Intel, a move which according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, could save Apple as much as $500 million a year.

Apple Seems To Be On A Hiring Spree For Designers

Apple is one of those companies where at this point in time, every move they make, the world is watching. This is why we’re sure that there are many out there who are curious to see what Apple could be up to next, whether it be a new iPhone, new iPad, new Mac computer, or maybe something completely unexpected.


Apple Reportedly Sold 20 Million Mac Computers In 2017

Apple’s macOS operating system is obviously not the most-used platform in the world, but in terms of the number of computers sold, it looks like Apple is actually doing pretty well for themselves. This is according to the latest numbers by IDC and Gartner, in which it revealed that Apple had managed to sell 20 million Mac computers in 2017.

Apple Increases Mac Trade-In Values Up To $2,500

If you’re looking to get a new computer and don’t know what to do with your old one, Apple offers a trade-in program where Mac users can trade-in their older Mac computer for a new one, where they could previously get up to $1,500 in trade-in value. We say “previously” because the good news is that the value of the trade-in has been increased.

Apple’s Mac Pro Trademark Update Hints At Augmented Reality Plans

Apple’s interest in augmented reality (AR) is well known and hardly a secret, with the company’s CEO heaping praises on the technology, and let’s not forget the company’s recent hire also has background in the tech. Now it seems that thanks to a recent update to its Mac Pro trademark, Apple has hinted at possible AR plans for the future.

New 8K Display Rumored For Apple’s New Mac Pro

Last year when Apple announced the new MacBook Pros, they also announced new standalone displays made by LG. As Apple had confirmed that they would no longer be making their own displays, these UltraFine displays by LG were meant to replace Apple’s Thunderbolt Display lineup.

Apple Has No Plans For ARM-Based Or Touchscreen Macs For Now

There have been talks over the years that Apple could eventually put out an ARM-based Mac computer. In fact earlier this year a report from Apple insider Mark Gurman at Bloomberg hinted that ARM-based MacBook Pros could be launched this year, although it seems that this chipset won’t be replacing Intel’s chipset, but rather exist alongside it.

Apple’s Comments On Future Mac Pro Could Hint At VR Support

When it comes to virtual reality (VR), for the most part you would need to own a Windows-based PC if you’d like to use the headsets that are available today. However could it be that in the future Apple could eventually support the technology in terms of both hardware and software? Recent comments have suggested that this might be the case.

Mac Pro Specs Get Updated After Three Years

Apple has recently been accused of neglecting the Mac products meant for professionals and for good reason. It has been three years since the company decided to refresh the Mac Pro specs and it’s finally doing that today. It has even made some surprising revelations today that you don’t normally expect to hear from Apple.

Apple Is ‘Completely Rethinking’ The Mac Pro

It has been a while since Apple said anything about its plans for the Mac Pro and the company is finally breaking its silence about this product today. Apple’s Phil Schiller has confirmed that the company is “completely rethinking the Mac Pro” after the product was last refreshed back in 2013. Apple is working on an entirely new Mac Pro but it has pointed out that the new product won’t […]

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Pledges To Support ‘Pro’ Users

For the longest time ever, Apple’s products could be found in the homes, studios, and offices of industry professionals, such as graphic artists, music producers/composers, designers, photographers, and more. This is because despite their hefty price tags, Apple’s computers have been found to run professional software suites pretty well.

Apple’s Mac Development Has Reportedly Taken A Backseat

So it has been more than a year since we saw any refreshes made to the iMac or Mac Pro (3 years for the Mac Pro). This has led to speculation that maybe Apple doesn’t care about the desktop market quite as much anymore, and given that there were quite a number of criticisms leveled at the new MacBook Pros, some think that Apple is starting to focus less on […]