I don’t suppose if you are thinking of proposing to your non-nerd girlfriend, the Mycestro 3D ring mouse is definitely a bad idea. A very, very bad one. Not only does it have no bling, you can’t really pawn it for money whenever you’re in need of dough. Still, that does not mean the Mycestro 3D ring mouse is good for nothing – no sir, this wearable mouse from Innovative Developments is capable of delivering a fair number of diverse applications.


For instance, all four buttons on the Mycestro can be utilized for basic work functionality, where you can also take advantage of gestures to perform several tasks, including tracing out an “M” in the air so that you can open up that email in your inbox, while performing a flicking motion will help you delete those files.

The mouse itself is able to manipulate 3D software, where moving your arm helps you zoom in and out. And while you are at it, flailing your arm left and right, why not take advantage of its ability to play nice with your in-vehicle entertainment system, navigating through the menu system with gestures? Bear in mind that this does not necessarily mean it is safer to use while driving.

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