Windows Phone Mango causes some keyboards to disappearUh-oh. It looks like Microsoft’s latest update for its Windows Phone 7 operating system isn’t all peaches and cream. According to a significant number of reports online, the update has caused the onscreen keyboard to randomly perform disappearing acts when a user is typing. The problem doesn’t seem to be limited to certain phones, which points to it being an issue with the operating system.

Microsoft is now aware of the issue though they’re still trying to determine the root cause of the problem. Users have also been reporting other bugs with the Mango update (increased data usage, Live tiles not updating, battery not updating etc). No word of when a fix will arrive but let’s hope Microsoft won’t take too long – Mango was supposed to be the savior of Windows Phone, and a buggy release isn’t going to swing things back in its favor. Any of you experiencing the disappearing keyboard issue?

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