The Microsoft Xbox Kinect was marketed as being an accessory for games, adding a whole new dimension of gameplay, but later on it proved that it could be used outside of the gaming world and used for medical purposes, allowing surgeons to quickly flip through patient charts and etc. Now it looks like Lithuanian software company Etronika has gone and created a Kinect-based user interface for the company’s banking software.

We’re not sure why the Kinect would be used for banking purposes, but no one said that doing your finances and managing your balances couldn’t be fun, right? Basically what this involves is a new user interface that features two rows of icons that spin as if on a carousel. Waving your arms in either direction rotates either the top or bottom row, and selecting an icon involves bringing your hands together in front of you.

“A lot of banking software apps are filled with boring crap,” said Etronika CEO Kestutis Gardziulis in what may be the biggest understatement I’ve ever heard. “With our software, you could be on the couch at home, having a beer, all while dealing with your bank account and kicking back.”

While we can’t say for sure if this is a practical method for conducting your banking, we will have to admit that it does have a certain novelty value to it. Unfortunately this appears to be more of a concept than an actual product, so don’t go deleting your banking software yet!

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