iPhone 4SIf you’re curious about which carrier has the most customers with the iPhone 4S, the folks over at Localytics have got the answer. According to the results of its recent study, 56% of the iPhone 4S devices that are running apps using its popular analytics platform use AT&T for voice and data services. In second place is Verizon with 32%, while Sprint comes in third with 12%.

While the results aren’t 100% (i.e. not everybody might be running Localyptics apps), it does give us a rough estimate of what the iPhone 4S split is like between the 3 major carriers of the iPhone right now. It’s not surprising that AT&T holds the top spot in this study, mostly due to the fact that since it has more iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 customers than the other carriers, the carrier would have the most customers who are due for an upgrade, hence a larger 4S subscriber base.

Another reason could also be the fact that AT&T is the only carrier to offer HSPA+ (“4G”) for the iPhone 4S. And since AT&T is the only GSM carrier with the iPhone as well, it is the only one to support data and voice at the same time (though I don’t believe it’s such a big factor). But with so many people complaining about AT&T in the past, you would’ve thought that a large number of subscribers would have migrated from the carrier by now. I guess the hassle of switching carriers wasn’t worth the trouble?

To the iPhone 4S users out there: which carrier are you on and why did you choose that instead of the others?

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