One of the new features of Blizzard’s upcoming Diablo 3 would be the Runestones. For those unfamiliar with the game or have not been following its progress, Runestones basically augment your character’s skills and abilities. This could range from more damage to a wider area of effect to a completely different skill all together.


Unfortunately Runestones and their effects are one of the aspects of the beta that has yet to be ironed out, but thanks to enthusiastic Diablo 3 gamers, they have managed to create an emulator server and based on what’s known about the game and data that has been pulled from game data files, they have managed to put together a series of videos that showcase the Runestones in effect on different characters and different skills.

It should be noted that since this was done on an emulator server, the final results of Runestones and its effects on characters may differ from the final release of the game, but for now if you can’t get enough Diablo 3, check out the series of videos below.

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