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New Diablo III Trailer For PlayStation 3 Released
Blizzard Entertainment released a new trailer of Diablo III for PlayStation 3. They also let gamers at the Pax East conference play the game, which is taking place this weekend in Boston. There’s nothing radically different in Diablo III for PlayStation 3, though UI changes have been made to accommodate the DualShock controller. The new control system is definitely user friendly and the new dynamic camera system is top notch.The PS3 […]

Diablo 3 rune effects shown off in new videos
One of the new features of Blizzard’s upcoming Diablo 3 would be the Runestones. For those unfamiliar with the game or have not been following its progress, Runestones basically augment your character’s skills and abilities. This could range from more damage to a wider area of effect to a completely different skill all together.

Diablo III could be released 17th February 2012
Diablo III was originally slated to be released by the end of 2011, however due to numerous bugs and the game not meeting the high standards imposed by Blizzard, the release of the game has been pushed to 2012. In a way we are disappointed by the delay, but on the other hand we do appreciate Blizzard’s attention to detail and QC which will hopefully result in yet another stunning […]

World of Warcraft annual pass promotion gives you Diablo 3 for free
While most MMORPGs have been going the free-to-play route, Blizzard has held steadfast to its monthly subscription plan for its highly-acclaimed and 11 million subscribers-strong title: World of Warcraft. While Blizzard did give in a little earlier this year by letting gamers play the low-levels of WoW for free, it looks like it’s about to make another move that will keep people paying (and playing) for the MMO.


Diablo III release to be delayed till early 2012
Fans of Blizzard who have been eagerly anticipating the release of Diablo III will be disappointed to find out that the game will be delayed until early 2012. According to a press release on the company’s website, it was announced that the game would only see a release in the early part of 2012.

Diablo 3 beta invitation email phishing scam
Yes, the closed beta for Diablo 3 has started, and it’s no secret that everybody is interested in getting an invite. Well, some scammers have decided to use the Diablo 3 hype as an opportunity to phish for some account details of users. An email has been circulating around from a spoofed email address of with a message about the recipient being selected for the Diablo 3 beta […]

Diablo 3 plays well with a gamepad
Hardcore fans of Diablo might scoff at the idea of playing their all-time favorite action RPG with anything other than the mouse and keyboard, but it looks like Blizzard seems to think otherwise. PC Gamer recently had a chat with Diablo 3’s game director, Jay Wilson, and it turns out that they’ve actually been doing some testing with the game using an Xbox 360 controller. And according to him, the […]

Diablo 3 closed beta testing begins today
If you’ve signed up to be a beta tester for Diablo 3, I would keep an eye on my inbox over the next few days if I were you – Blizzard has announced that the closed beta test for its highly anticipated game begins today and it has begun issuing invites to selected participants. The first wave of invites has been sent out with more to come in the near […]

Diablo 3 Skill Calculator now online
Don’t have access to the Diablo 3 beta, but you’d like to find out more about the different skills you can use in the game? You’re in luck. Blizzard has put up a new feature on its website called the Diablo 3 Skill Calculator. This nifty little tool lets users decide how they want to spec their character when they finally get their hands on the game when it […]

Diablo 3 public beta is "very close"
We’ve previously reported that Blizzard will be releasing the Diablo 3 public beta this September, and last week some leaked video footage and screenshots of the private beta found its way online (available after the break), which seems to point at the arrival of the public beta pretty soon. Well, the folks over at VG247 have managed to get in touch with Blizzard concerning the status of the public beta, […]

Diablo 3 official community site launched
Great news Diablo 3 fans – Blizzard has launched the official community website for Diablo 3, “your sanctuary for all the latest developments from New Tristram and beyond, featuring community forums and regular updates to this blog, where you can post comments and share news items via Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media outlets.”Basically, if you want to keep up to date with all the latest news about Diablo […]

Diablo III classes primer
Blizzard is one of the rare gem of a company that has many cash cows in each of its franchises – surely you cannot deny that the Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo brands are able to command the allegiance of millions of gamers worldwide at the drop of a hat? They are all extremely successful in their own right, not to mention spawning the “Just one more level/round” excuse that most […]

Diablo 3 announcements upset gamers
Whenever Blizzard has something to say about Diablo 3, fans of the game usually greet the news with arms wide open. But according to reports online, Blizzard’s latest Diablo 3 announcements haven’t exactly been causing its fans to cheer about the game. Here’s a rundown of what Blizzard announced about Diablo 3 today.

SteelSeries introduces Diablo III Headset and Mouse
While we might not be getting an official release date for Diablo III anytime soon, we can only hope that the sign of D3-licensed products could only mean that it’s coming closer (hopefully). One of the most highly anticipated games in the world now has two officially licensed products inspired by it.SteelSeries has just introduced the Diablo III Headset and Diablo III Mouse. Designed for gamers looking to spice up […]

Diablo III Beta to arrive by Q3 2011 if possible
Blizzard is a company that has come up with plenty of memorable titles in the past, what with their highly addictive Diablo series of CRPGs that brought the hack and slash genre to new heights, while the Starcraft series has spawned plenty of new Internet lexicons and pro-gaming stars in their own right. Well, after the fever of Starcraft II, it makes perfect sense for Diablo III to take centerstage […]