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Lady Gaga iPhone cases are funky

05 Lady Gaga iPhone caseThinking of what to get for your Lady Gaga-loving friends who recently purchased an iPhone 4S? An iTunes gift card for them to download her albums would suffice, but seeing how they’re her fans, they probably already own them. How about Lady Gaga-inspired iPhone cases instead? In addition to keeping the back of the iPhone protected from bumps and scratches, the cases feature artwork inspired by Lady Gaga and her music.

There cases were released a few weeks ago in Japan but now folks in the US can purchase them without having to deal with any importing. There are three different styles available: Distortion, Queen and Torn. They each come with a special sticker for your home button, are compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and retail for $35 each. Head over to the Lady Gaga shop for more details.

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