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Lady Gaga's Latest Album Leaked By Amazon Echo
Lady Gaga’s latest album is called Joanne and she has gradually been teasing some of the new songs that are part of this record. It’s just one of those controlled release strategies that we’ve seen artists employ time and time again, but the Amazon Echo has revealed more than what she would have wanted. Amazon’s smart speaker has actually been playing previews of unreleased songs from Joanne.

Lady Gaga Taps Into Her Inner Apple Genius In Saturday Night Live Sketch
Lady Gaga made headlines last week as she announced she plans on performing in space. This week, she’s making headlines for a completely different reason as she hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend where she was tasked with performing in several skits that showed off her impressive ability to act. One segment that impressed us was Lady Gaga taking on the role of an Apple Genius.

Lady Gaga To Perform From Space
Lady Gaga is definitely a trailblazer in all forms of the word, and one of the prime and most recent examples which we have seen so far would be the Volantis flying dress that she wore. This time around, it seems that Lady Gaga also has her sights set on another (literally) out of this world experience – by singing right from space itself. How is this going to be […]

Lady Gaga Appears In Flying Dress
When it comes to fashion and dressing sense, Lady Gaga is someone who never fails to surprise. She has shown up in a bacon inspired dress before, and this time around for her new album’s debut, her entrance was no less shocking. It can be described as an astronaut dress that seems to be accompanied by half a dozen helicopters, making her look like some sort of weird AR Drone […]


Lady Gaga Chats Up Fans On Skype This Thursday
Are you one of Lady Gaga’s little monsters? If you think that you are worthy of being called so (some others might beg to differ), then make sure you mark January 17th on your calendars, where at 2pm PST, Lady Gaga will carry out a Skype group video call with her merry band of little monsters. It would be a chance for those who have yet to check out Lady […]

Lady Gaga’s illuminated wig makes her a bright pop star
When it comes to fashion, you know that some celebrities tend to be a whole lot more outrageous than others. Of course, they see themselves as trendsetters, and not everything that is worn on stage would be deem to be appropriate or practical in our everyday lives. One thing is for sure though, Lady Gaga is never too far away from the spotlight whenever she makes an appearance, and part […]

Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" album will be released as an app
With our music already more or less in the digital age and where customers are starting to download them rather than head to record stores for physical copies, we guess musicians need a new way to engage their audience and simply putting out an album is apparently no longer sufficient. Lady Gaga, whether you love or hate her, has come up with a rather interesting way to release her new […]

Lady Gaga launches "Little Monster" social network
Lady Gaga is most definitely not short on fans. With 25 million fans on Twitter and 50 million on Facebook, we guess the next logical step for her would be to launch her own social network. Wait – what? Yup you heard it right, Lady Gaga has officially launched her own social networking website dubbed Little Monsters, which coincidentally is also the nickname given to her fans. It’s a rather […]

Lady Gaga Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked, fans phished
It has been reported that Lady Gaga, one of the most popular pop stars of this generation, had her Facebook and Twitter account hacked. The hackers then used her account to send messages to all her fans – inviting them to submit their details to win free iPad 2 tablets. Here’s what one of the Tweets said:

Lady Gaga iPhone cases are funky
Thinking of what to get for your Lady Gaga-loving friends who recently purchased an iPhone 4S? An iTunes gift card for them to download her albums would suffice, but seeing how they’re her fans, they probably already own them. How about Lady Gaga-inspired iPhone cases instead? In addition to keeping the back of the iPhone protected from bumps and scratches, the cases feature artwork inspired by Lady Gaga and her […]

"Lady Gaga found dead in hotel room" is a scam
If you’ve recently noticed links on Facebook or Twitter about the death of Lady Gaga in a hotel room, don’t start panicking – she’s not dead. However some scammers have decided to use her fame as a way to spread a new scam. Clicking on the link lands you on a Facebook page which asks you to “Pay With A Tweet” (a legitimate app that grants you access to stuff […]

Cyborg roaches love Lady Gaga tunes
Cockroaches, or roaches for short, are more or less the pariahs of the insect world, even though they are most definitely going to survive and perhaps even thrive in a post-nuclear world compared to us humans, but for the moment, our homes seem to have the upper hand – after all, we have all sorts of aerosol sprays and roach traps to get rid of those pests, no? As for […]

Lady Gaga And Dr. Dre Debut New Lady Gaga Heartbeats 2.0 Headphones
If you were a fan of the previous Monster Lady Gaga headphones, you may want to check out the next generation of Lady Gaga headphones. Teaming up together again, Monster, Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga have come up with a new set of headphones called the Heartbeats 2.0 Lady Gaga High Performance In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk. They’re designed by none other than Lady Gaga herself and they come in either […]

Lady Gaga's Born This Way retails for less than a dollar
Lady Gaga has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of music, and she has just rolled out a brand new album known as “Born This Way” – for those who are curious to know what some of the tracks are, you might have heard a song from it before – with Haley Reinhart belting out an unreleased Lady Gaga song a few weeks back on American […]