Google TVWhile Sony and Logitech are done with Google TV, it looks like Google is picking up new partners to continue its TV-platform. LG was previously rumored to be in, and now there are reports of Samsung wanting a piece of the action as well.

Samsung’s president of digital media business, Yoon Book-keun had mentioned to reporters that Google and Samsung are currently in the final stages of their talks.

No word on whether a product will be showcased at CES 2012, but in any case it should be arriving some time in 2012. What do you think of a Samsung-branded Google TV?

Seems odd to me, seeing how Samsung already has its own smart TV platform with its own app ecosystem – Google TV would be a direct competitor. Then again, if it’s all about selling Samsung TVs, this would be a good idea. I guess time will tell. What do you think of a Samsung-branded Google TV?

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