If you’re hoping for a follow up device to the original Revue Google TV set top box from Logitech, you’re out of luck – because it’s not going to happen. At least not in the near future. At a meeting with investors yesterday, Logitech’s CEO Guerrino De Luca called the Revue a mistake, and that it will be putting an end to the device by letting supplies of it run out this quarter. And no, they won’t be developing any more follow ups to the Revue either.

De Luca basically called Google TV far from ready and despite the Honeycomb update; it’s still far from being able to deliver the polished experience that it is expected to. Wow, it looks like Google has lost yet another partner in its ever-challenging battle to bring Android into the living room. If things don’t pick up for the company, I see Google axing yet another one of its products. What do you think of Google TV so far? Has it been up to your expectations?

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