You know the saying, common sense is not that common after all – and I can’t really deny that, considering how some of us, myself included, can be pretty absent minded at times, like locking myself out of the car or the house in the middle of the night. Well, for folks who have difficulty getting their wardrobe all sorted out despite the help that IKEA offers with their boxes and affordable wardrobes, what hope have you? Enter the Snappy Dresser concept – this particular dresser relies on a system that will use a whole lot of common sense reasoning, where it will match clothes styles and functions with the concepts required for the context.

Basically, it is capable of showing you suggestions for complete outfits, where the selected outfit will then be recorded as part of your “user feedback experience” via the system’s recommendation for a set outing. Hopefully this would mean less fashion faux pas for you in the future, and it might be the answer to helping you snag that date with your killer dress sense. Now what happens when your home experiences a blackout – you will just have to rely on your senses then.

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