We’ve come across many iPhone docks in the past, and safe to say the good majority of them have been speaker docks, so you can imagine our delight when we came across an iPhone dock that doubled up as a table lamp as opposed to your run of the mill speaker dock, although to be fair the t’Light S by M&C Lighting does have a couple of speakers built into it, but you would never guess based on the design alone.

The t’Light S features a 5W LED bulb which is reportedly supposed to be both green and efficient. It even comes bundled with a remote control that allows you to control the brightness of the LED bulb based on a variety of settings available, as well as control the the stereo built into the lamp, such as Play/Pause/Stop/Next along with volume.

Apart from the rather novel concept of doubling up as an LED table lamp, the t’Light S does pretty much what most iPhone docks does. It will charge your iPhone and you will be able to pump music through the built-in speakers, although you probably shouldn’t expect amazing sound quality, but hey, an iPhone dock that doubles as a table lamp to help you study while pumping music? It might be something worth checking out.

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