A couple of hours ago, we reported on Microsoft confirming that there are bugs hanging around on your console after the Xbox 360 Dashboard update, and it is nice to see Microsoft take the necessary and relevant steps to squash those bugs as soon as possible. Before we continue, the glitch concerns the shutting out of some Xbox 360 users from the Xbox LIVE network, where Xbox LIVE profile errors have started to come up over the past week according to Joystiq. This also indirectly resulted in them being unable to purchase content from Microsoft’s online store, and obviously one is unable to download their profiles. One of the most common error codes to crop up is “801540B7,” although error code “80070571” does make an appearance from time to time. Fret not, as Microsoft is already working on a fix even as you read this.

We hope to bring you more light on the situation, preferably the moment when Microsoft finally releases a new update to fix those glitches. Patience would be the keyword here, so while you wait it out, perhaps you might want to consider getting a PS3 for Christmas as another console alternative if you haven’t got one yet?

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