O2 UK lets you rent the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is a desirable phone without doubt, but unfortunately such desirability comes with a price, a price that is unfortunately out of the reach for some. However if you live in the UK and you want to get the iPhone 4S but can’t afford it outright, UK carrier O2 has a plan that will allow you to rent an iPhone 4S for a year.

The plan is called O2 Lease and basically it will cost subscribers £55 a month. This includes a 16GB iPhone 4S, 750 minutes worth of talk time, 500MB of data, unlimited texting and O2’s mobile insurance. If 16GB isn’t enough for you, you can opt for the 32GB iPhone 4S at an additional £10 a month, which would basically amount to £65 a month for the 32GB iPhone 4S.

There doesn’t appear to be a catch, although logically and without saying the phone must be returned to O2 at the end of the rental period in good condition or face charges. Doesn’t seem like too bad of a deal, hopefully the same plan will eventually extend to all phones in the future.

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