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OpenAirplane Lets You Rent An Airplane Online With No Hassle
OpenAirplane allows pilots to rent airplanes online with no hassle.

O2 UK lets you rent the iPhone 4S
The iPhone 4S is a desirable phone without doubt, but unfortunately such desirability comes with a price, a price that is unfortunately out of the reach for some. However if you live in the UK and you want to get the iPhone 4S but can’t afford it outright, UK carrier O2 has a plan that will allow you to rent an iPhone 4S for a year.

WildTangent now available on all Android devices
Remember the Android games rental service, WildTangent, which launched on T-Mobile last month? Well if you were a non-T-Mobile customer and felt like you were missing out, we’ve got good news for you. Today, WildTangent announced that its games rental service is now available for all Android devices worldwide. Yes, this finally means that folks who aren’t in the US and aren’t on T-Mobile will be able to enjoy the […]

Netflix UK and Ireland services to launch in early 2012
Folks who are living in the UK as well as Ireland have something to look forward to – they will be getting Netflix’s services sometime from early next year onwards, which means if you so happen to live in that part of the world, you too, can take advantage of unlimited video streaming on desktops, tablets, notebooks, netbooks and other compatible mobile devices at what Netflix calls a “low monthly […]


GameTanium brings games rental to Android
Are you the kind of person who purchases a game, sits down and finishes it in one sitting? If you are, you probably feel like the amount of money you shell out to purchase games isn’t really worth it, and you’d much prefer a game rental service instead. Well if you were in Taiwan, you could possibly the new App Store rules, but other than that you’re pretty much out […]

Getaround CarKit lets you turn your car into a source of income
Do you have a highly desirable car that people are always asking to borrow off you? Wish you could somehow turn that into a business?  Well, the folks over at Getaround seem to think you can. They’ve just announced the launch of the Getaround CarKit – an all-in-one device for enabling car owners to safely and easily share their cars (and potentially make money while doing so).

Vernon Computer Source lets you rent an iPad 2
If you’ve always thought about purchasing the Apple iPad 2 iOS tablet, but didn’t want to plop down $499 without knowing what you’re getting yourself into, you might have done some research and looked around for iPad 2 reviews to help you make up your mind. But what if reviews weren’t enough? Playing with the demo unit at the Apple Store isn’t going to be enough for you to figure […]

PFU Systems to launch digital movie rental kiosk
PFU Systems, a Fujitsu company has announced that at Customer Engagement Technology World (April 27-28) they will be showing off a new way for customers to rent and purchase the latest digital movies. Called the Movie Download Kiosk, it is touted to make digital movie rental and purchasing extremely easy.While it wasn’t explained how they were going to make things easier, it’ll be interesting to see what PFU Systems are […]

Blockbuster to be acquired by Dish Network
Blockbuster, the movie rental service on its way to bankruptcy has been saved from the jaws of death. Dish Network has just announced that they will be acquiring the movie rental chain for $228 million. While this saves Blockbuster from disappearing off the face of the earth, Dish hasn’t mentioned what its plans are for Blockbuster but they have mentioned that there will be significant challenges as they plan to […]

Warner Brothers to rent out movies on Facebook
Can Facebook compete with Netflix? Who knows, but they’re certainly trying to bank in on it. Warner Brothers has just announced that they will be offering video stream rentals of their movies through the online social network. At the moment they only have one title up for rent – 2009’s smash hit blockbuster, The Dark Knight. Users can rent a movie for just 30 Facebook Credits ($3) and they get […]

Amazon acquires LOVEFiLM
Amazon has announced today that they have reached finally acquired LOVEFiLM International Limited. In case you didn’t know, LOVEFiLM is pretty much the equivalent of Netflix in Europe – a subscription entertainment service that allows you to rent movies and games through the mail or streaming on demand. The service is compatible with PCs, internet-enabled TVs and on the PlayStation 3. Amazon’s acquisition of LOVEFiLM gives them a bigger foothold […]

Japanese retailer makes great effort to rent out Xbox 360 consoles
While Japan might enjoy plenty of high-tech gadgets, there are some laws that frustrate gamers over there. We’re talking about the fact that you’re unable to rent video games or consoles over there, which is probably the reason why used games offered there are in such good condition, since it bags a higher resale value. Now at least one retailer over there is trying to circumvent this issue by offering […]

Movies Studios Might Bring Pre-DVD Streaming To PS3, Xbox, And More
Reports are going around that Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Disney are in talks with cable TV systems to offer films for as much as $30 per show soon after they run in theaters, a move which would see new movies reach home viewers without having to wait the typical three or four months for DVDs or cable companies’ on-demand shows. According to the report, Disney is also discussing the […]