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Quiet Chair In Hair Salon Is Not For Gossipers
There is no doubt at all that getting your hair done at the local hair salon is a social experience, and over the years, if you are a returning customer, much more than a superficial friendship would have been built. Also, the hair salon can be said to be an equivalent of the water cooler, where plenty of small talk and gossip gets exchanged among customers and the proprietor, even. […]

UK Operators Want To Solve Network Coverage Woes With £5 Billion Infrastructure Investment
I am quite sure that just about all of us have experienced this before – you walk into a building, and have pretty decent network coverage on your smartphone, only to discover later on that in certain areas of the building, the network coverage magically drops to zero. Zilch. Nada. That can prove to be rather frustrating at times, especially if you tend to walk around during a conversation. Is […]

‘National Roaming’ Proposed For UK Mobile Subscribers
If you are a city person all your life, you would definitely know that choices abound in cities where just about everything is concerned, including the different kinds of mobile network providers for you to pick from. In fact, some packages happen to be extremely competitive, that it can get pretty difficult to try to suss out the fine points between one package and another When you go out to […]

Buses In London Testing New Seat Availability Display And Real-Time Maps
If you commute to work using public transport, then you’re probably aware of how hard it must be to get a seat, especially during peak hours. This might not be a big deal if your ride is only a couple of minutes, but when you’re commuting and stuck in a traffic jam, those seats start looking real comfortable!Interestingly enough it seems that over in London, the Transportation for London have […]


London's Met Police To Start Equipping Wearable Cameras
There are times when police officers are accused of police brutality. Sometimes these claims are real, sometimes they’re not, but over in the UK, a new program is expected to be launched which will see metropolitan police officers start wearing cameras on their uniform which will be used to record evidence and boost transparency.The trial program will begin by sending out 500 such devices to officers across 10 London boroughs, […]

UK Government Announces New 12-Sided £1 Coin With iSIS Technology
When you think of counterfeiting money, chances are you are thinking about bank notes and how forgers use machinery to print and attempt to replicate the money as close to the real deal as possible.In fact safe to say when it comes to counterfeiting, you don’t really think about coins being counterfeited, do you? Well according to the UK’s Royal Mint, they estimate that about 3% of all £1 coins […]

Tesco To Start Introducing Face-Scanning Customized Ads At Its Gas Stations
If you have seen the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise, you might remember several scenes in the movie where a camera scans the eye of the person and will display advertisements that are relevant to said person. Well it looks like something similar will be happening over in the UK at Tesco, and if you’re planning on shopping at Tesco anytime in the near future, this is an interesting […]

7-inch Tesco Hudl Tablet Announced For £119
Thanks to Android being an open-sourced operating system, it basically means that just about anyone with the resources would be able to create a smartphone or tablet with their own branding, and UK retailer Tesco has announced a new Android tablet in the form of the Hudl, which we guess is pronounced as “huddle”. The tablet is a 7” device and sports a 1.5GHz quad-core chipset under the hood. It […]

Smartphone-Tracking Trash Cans Program Halted By City Of London
Renew announced it would be making its smart trash cans, known as “Renew Orbs” available in a number of locations around London, which can be used as a way to track the devices people use as well as the rate at which they’re traveling past the trash cans. It looks like Renew will have to go back to the ole’ drawing board as the City of London has asked them […]

Smart Trash Can Able To Track Smartphones As People Pass
When you’re making your way through a city, the last thing you think about are garbage cans, that is, unless you’re really in the need of one. For the most part, people tend to pay no attention to trash cans, but a startup in the U.K. has developed a smart trash can that can track the smartphones of those who pass it as well as the speed at which they’re […]

PayPal Testing Photo Verification Payment Process In U.K.
If you’re lucky enough to have your popular retailer accept PayPal while you’re checking out in the store, then you know what a slight hassle it can be to have to input your password or passcode, which can add seconds to your entire transaction, and as a result, can turn your life completely upside down. That’s why PayPal is testing out a new method of verifying its users by using […]

UK Government Might Ban Google Glass For Drivers
While I am quite sure that many of you out there do want to own a pair of Google Glass for yourself, do take note that this is not a device which will be able to be worn just about anywhere and everywhere you go. So far, we do know that it will not be allowed at the Caesar’s Palace casinos for obvious reasons, not to mention a Seattle dive […]

UK Intends To Restrict Online Porn Access
British Prime Minister David Cameron has stepped forward with an idea that many think is impossible to pull off – to introduce a plan that would block pornography on most computers by default, and this idea will not be limited to just notebooks and desktops, but on smartphones and tablets as well. This vision will require a concerted and united effort, but British wireless and Internet providers have already come […]

UK To Test Driverless Cars Before 2013 Is Over
The idea of a driverless car might sound exciting to some, but for some others, it is not something that is worth gambling one’s life on, no matter how safe it has been declared to be. Sort of how some people still refuse to board an aircraft and prefer to get around on a set of wheels. Having said that, Internet search giant Google can be to be one of […]

U.K. Border Police Able To Seize Traveller's Phones And Download Info
The U.K. Border Police are able to seize a traveller's mobile devices and download information from it without any reason.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Releasing Around July 8 In U.K.
A retailer in the U.K. has revealed the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to release the week of July 8.

UK Courtrooms To Go 100% Digital By 2016
The UK courtroom intends to be fully digital by the time 2016 rolls around to be more efficient than ever before.

HTC One Coming In 'Glamour Red' To U.K. Next Month
The red HTC One will be made available in the U.K. starting next month.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Available For Pre-Order In U.K.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for pre-order in the U.K.

KFC Launches iPhone App In U.K. Allowing You To Place Orders Anywhere
Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC as the kiddies call if these days, has been making some serious moves in the U.K. where they’re probably more appreciated than here in the U.S. Just last month they announced they would be providing free Wi-Fi in all of its restaurants located in the U.K., and today they’re launching a new mobile app that will make it easier for those same people to get […]