Remote shutter release for camera made from knockoff gaming controller

Sometimes those knockoff peripherals that you buy for your gaming consoles actually turn out to have more use than one, and this is exactly what Duncan Murdock discovered when he decided he wanted a remote shutter release to go along with his brand new Canon DSLR camera he received for Christmas.

Digging around his parts drawer, he came across some items that could no longer be used, like a knockoff Nintendo Wii nunchuck as pictured above. As you can see in the photo, the design of the nunchuck isn’t too far off from what an actual camera remote shutter release looks like. He then proceeded to replace the cable with a old telephone wire and attached a 2.5mm plug at the end.

The plug then connects directly to his camera’s control plug, thus allowing him to trigger the autofocus and shutter mechanism all with a simple touch of a button. Pretty cool, huh? Not to mention it does not sound overly complicated to do yourself, so if you’d like to make one for yourself, head on over to Duncan Murdock’s Flickr account for the instructions/description.

[Image credit – Duncan Murdock]

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