2877893-fallout4_trailer_wasteland_1433355638A couple of months ago, Valve announced that Steam would start selling paid mods and that Skyrim was one of the games whose mods could be bought and paid for. However due to backlash and issue over who owns what, Valve decided to do away with the feature. Bethesda also issued a statement acknowledging that perhaps they made a mistake.

However some are wondering if Bethesda might have learnt from that mistake and perhaps come up with a new way of offering paid mods that would satisfy everyone, and perhaps that might be offered to Fallout 4 gamers. Well if you weren’t a fan of the paid mods to begin with, you can rest assured that there will be no paid mods for Fallout 4.

This was confirmed by Spiegel Online (via Kotaku) who spoke to the game’s director Todd Howard. According to Howard, and this is based on a translation of the interview from German to English, “I can only speak for the present time, but currently there are no plans for a payment system.” Assuming nothing was lost in translation, it looks like paid mods will not be a feature of Fallout 4.

While it is possible that perhaps sometime in the future they come up with a system that works for everyone and they might introduce it to the game, but as Howard states, for now there will be no paid mods for the game, so gamers who didn’t like the idea to begin with can breathe easy.

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