PC mods are a dime a dozen and they range from pretty cool to amazing. Now if you’re after a unique mod, you might be interested in checking out this mod which features a Raspberry Pi Zero installed inside a toy chainsaw, while at the same time featuring a playable version of id Software’s classic FPS, DOOM.

According to its creator George Merlocco, “I never get creative ideas, but the Pi Zero Painsaw was an exception. It’s a Raspberry Pi Zero, that I crammed into an Echo Junior Chainsaw toy, along with a bunch of other things, and it runs Doom. It’s a love-letter to Doom, the things I’ve learned from my Raspberry Pi(s), and a special, unique piece of memorabilia that I hope to keep forever.”

The chainsaw itself is a toy that featured some moving parts like its “blade”, but unfortunately in order to fit the Raspberry Pi in it, the motor had to be removed which is rather unfortunate since it would have added a whole new dimension of cool. On the software side, Merlocco installed a GNU/Linus system.

Now there is enough information on Merlocco’s page for you to make one for yourself if you’re so inclined, although there are some bits you’ll have to figure out, but the general outline is there. However if you don’t have the time or the patience for a DIY project, just watch the video above to see the Painsaw in action.

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