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Playing DOOM On This Chainsaw Doesn’t Get More Hardcore
PC mods are a dime a dozen and they range from pretty cool to amazing. Now if you’re after a unique mod, you might be interested in checking out this mod which features a Raspberry Pi Zero installed inside a toy chainsaw, while at the same time featuring a playable version of id Software’s classic FPS, DOOM.

This Diablo 2 Mod Was Made In StarCraft 2
While games like Warcraft and StarCraft are pretty great games on their own, sometimes people tend to forget that they both offer the ability to make mods and custom games using the map editor. In fact one of the most popular mods to come out of Warcraft’s map editor is none other than DotA, which has since spawned a standalone sequel in DotA 2.

Flappy Bird Gets Ported Onto A Box Mod Vape
Many of you guys have probably heard of Flappy Bird, the infamous Mario-themed game for mobile devices that caused quite a stir a couple of years ago. While the game’s popularity has died down considerably, it seems that there are still fans of the game out there, so much so that a recent video has shown how the game has been ported onto a box mod vape.

GTA V Watch Dogs Hack Is Pretty Amazing
There are plenty of hacks or mods available for Grand Theft Auto 5 that add a whole new dimension to this amazing game, we’ve seen some of our favorite superheroes being added to the title through such mods, but the one we have today adds elements of yet another amazing game to GTA 5. The GTA 5 Watch Dogs hack has been put together nicely and actually looks to be […]


GTA 5 Mod Makes The Game Look Ultra Realistic
Rockstar’s GTA 5 has pretty good graphics but if you wanted to take things to the next level, you might be interested in a mod called Toddyhancer, which as you can see in the video above will help boost the game’s graphics to ultra realistic levels. In fact upon first glance it is easy to mistake the game for what seems like a photograph of real-life.According to its creator, Martin […]

No Plans For Paid Fallout 4 Mods
A couple of months ago, Valve announced that Steam would start selling paid mods and that Skyrim was one of the games whose mods could be bought and paid for. However due to backlash and issue over who owns what, Valve decided to do away with the feature. Bethesda also issued a statement acknowledging that perhaps they made a mistake.However some are wondering if Bethesda might have learnt from that […]

NBA 2K14 Gets A Space Jam Makeover
We’re not sure how many of you guys remember the movie Space Jam from back in 1996, but in case you were too young, the movie basically featured Michael Jordan playing alongside the Looney Tunes characters and battling aliens in an epic basketball match. It might not necessarily have been the most convincing movie of all time but it was good and entertaining. Now the good news is that if […]

This PC Case Mod Is A Work Of Art
When it comes to modding our PCs, for the most part the average modder would probably toss in a couple of extra LED lights, a couple more fans for extra cooling, or for the slightly more serious modder, perhaps a liquid cooling system as well. However we have in the past seen some more hardcore mods in which the end result looks more like a piece of art, rather than […]

Doom Mod Lets Gamers Play SNES Version Of Mortal Kombat 2 Within The Game
Back in April we covered how a server plug-in allowed for the Super Mario game to be played within a Counter-Strike game. Well if you thought that was cool, how do you feel about the idea of playing Mortal Kombat within a Doom game instead? Yes it seems that if you’re tired of shooting each other in a Doom multiplayer map, modders have found a way to install a working […]

Nerf Gun Gets Modded Into A Guitar, Pretty Awesome
If there is one thing I indulge in once in a while, it would be the purchase and fooling around with Nerf guns. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about firing them off at your window, at friends, and sometimes even family! Anyway we’ve come across Nerf gun modifications before, but it looks like this particular modder, an Australian girl who goes by the handle Nerfenstein, has taken a Nerf gun […]

Remote shutter release for camera made from knockoff gaming controller
Sometimes those knockoff peripherals that you buy for your gaming consoles actually turn out to have more use than one, and this is exactly what Duncan Murdock discovered when he decided he wanted a remote shutter release to go along with his brand new Canon DSLR camera he received for Christmas.

CyanogenMod Ice Cream Sandwich for tablets in the works
Good news Android tablet owners! It seems that according to Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik himself, it appears that CyanogenMod will be coming to tablets as well, which is great news especially since most manufacturers have only announced official updates for their smartphones, leaving many to wonder about the fate of tablets.We reported last week that CyanogenMod 9 was in the works for smartphones, and like we had mentioned in our post, […]

Diablo 3 mod lets you "darken" the mood of the game
When Diablo 3 was first revealed, it was met several negative reactions towards the overall look of the game. While some praised the game and its graphics, others said that the game felt too cartoony and lost the “dark” feel that was felt strongly in the first Diablo. If you belong to the latter category it appears that a mod is available that will allow you to “darken” the mood […]

Steampunk Xbox 360 controller
How big of a steampunk fan are you? Are you a fan enough to blow $999 on a steampunk modified Xbox 360 controller? Well even if you don’t think you’d be willing to drop that amount of cash, here’s what you can expect should you change your mind. 

Transform your HTC Sensation into the Sensation XE
We reported last week that HTC had plans to introduce the HTC Sensation XE, an Android device that’s basically an upgrade to the HTC Sensation, and at the same time would be sporting Beats Audio technology integrated into it. If you only just got your hands on the HTC Sensation and you’re feeling a little cheated by the announcement, not to worry as there is a ROM now available that […]

CyanogenMod 7 spotted on HP TouchPad
Last week we reported that there an auction going on eBay for a HP TouchPad that supposedly was running on Froyo 2.2, and at that time of reporting it was priced at $685. The auction has ended with the device priced at $1,425. While we can’t be certain if it is indeed running on Android or if it’s a scam, for those who rushed out and bought the TouchPad’s while […]

Kinect mod lets you simulate holding a steering wheel for driving games
Usually when it comes to driving games, using a steering wheel controller is generally more preferred than using a gamepad, as we’re guessing it feels more “realistic” and offers up better control. If that is true, then how do you gamers out there feel about this mod that uses the Xbox Kinect to simulate you holding a steering wheel?