The Final Fantasy franchise is undoubtedly a popular one, although some might argue that Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG was a bit of a disaster plagued with bugs and whatnot. Well it looks like Square Enix could be attempting to redeem themselves and the Final Fantasy franchise with a possible Final Fantasy XV that some are expecting to be announced at E3 2012.

This piece of rumor was discovered in the rumor section (rather appropriate we feel) of the latest issue of GamesMaster UK. The rumor stated that the game would be announced at a special Square Enix E3 2012 press conference and that the game would be seeing a launch across multiple platforms. This includes the PC, Nintendo’s Wii U, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Seeing Final Fantasy on the Wii U is not really a huge stretch as Square Enix’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase, did express interest in developing the game for Nintendo’s upcoming gaming platform.

As exciting as this piece of news sounds, especially to Final Fantasy fans, we can’t find any news that would corroborate with this particular rumor, so it is highly suggested that you take this with large doses of salt for now until something a bit more concrete surfaces.

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