Yes, we do know that Angry Birds developer Rovio have been rumored to talk with NVIDIA, and what else but a graphical improvement is in store for the hugely popular game? Well, this Valentine’s Day will be extra special for those who love all things Angry Birds, as it has been announced that the Angry Birds franchise will finally arrive on Facebook, instantly giving more than 800 million people who do not own compatible smartphones access to the game. Not only that, Rovio intends to hold its big launch in Jakarta on February 14th, and this leads to the question, “Why Jakarta?” Considering how Jakarta is the global capital of Facebook according to Peter Vesterbacka, the ‘Mighty Eagle’ of Rovio, it is hence appropriate to do so. You can also purchase in-game power-ups like an earthquake or special, bigger, or stronger birds from $0.99 a pop.

I guess I now know where the next billion gamers of Angry Birds will come from – summoned from the seemingly endless resources of the Facebook army. Smart TVs already have a pre-installed version of the game, and it would be interesting to see just where this particular casual game will end up on down the road. Do you think if MySpace and Friendster were still hugely popular today, those social networks would have received Angry Birds as well?

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