Fans of the Angry Bird franchise might be interested to hear that its developer, Rovio, is apparently in talks with NVIDIA at the moment. This was supposedly let slip by NVIDIA’s mobile content vice president, Neil Trevett, who during the Mobile Game Forum 2012 accidentally revealed that NVIDIA and Rovio are currently in talks, but stopped himself from revealing anything more.


What he did suggest was that the Angry Birds game could do a lot better than it is at the moment in terms of graphics. The game, for those who have yet to hop aboard the Angry Birds craze, is currently utilizing a 2D physics engine which seems to sit well with the majority of Angry Birds players. However Neil Trevett pointed out that a 3D physics engine might prove to be more accurate and provide more accessible gameplay in terms of camera control, in one example given.

We are going to refrain from speculating that an Angry Birds 3D game is in the works, but it is interesting to note that it appears that Rovio is considering making the Angry Birds franchise more complex, at least as far as its graphics are concerned. But speaking purely from a hypothetical standpoint, what do you guys think? Would a 3D Angry Birds game still have the same appeal as its 2D sibling? Or are you guys perfectly happy with the way Angry Birds is now (graphically)?

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