Apple looks at 3D GUI for iOS devices Apple has always been known for their clean cut user interface in their operating systems, being seemingly intuitive right from the get go. Well, Cupertino is known for not resting on their laurels, and it seems that the US Patent & Trademark Office has just published a patent application from Apple that points towards a new 3D GUI for iOS mobile devices. This new user interface will function with proximity sensor arrays, responding in kind to hovering gestures. Guess an advanced 3D graphical user interface is something reserved for a future iMac or iPad, and how that will change the way we interact with our computers remain to be seen.

I guess there is only so far one can develop a traditional graphical user interface before the improvements become less and less pronounced, just like how gaming controllers have evolved from strategic button placement and ergonomic design to motion controls. It is an interesting time up ahead in the world of computing, so brace yourselves!

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