When the BlackBerry was first released all those years ago, it opened up a whole new window of mobile communication, and with the arrival of BlackBerry Messenger 6 at the end of July 2011, we saw other apps being integrated and offered BBM connectivity to boot. Bearing this in mind, any BBM connected app will allow you to share content with the rest of your BBM contacts easily from directly within the app, and there has been no looking back since, with an ever growing number of apps supporting said feature hitting the decks. Of course, two 800lbs gorillas have been conspicuously missing from the list – and no doubt Facebook and Twitter are the names that dance across your mind. Well, it seems that this situation is set to change, thanks to plans that intend to deliver BBM connectivity to both Facebook and Twitter.

There is no exact timing or word on when these two updates will finally hit the market despite numerous delays in the past, so keep your fingers crossed that this will happen sooner rather than later. Should such BBM integration be included in the next update, they ought to also be accompanied by an altered user interface in order to make them a wee bit easier and more intuitive to navigate.

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