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BlackBerry Messenger Will Shut Down On May 31st, 2019
Long before there was WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, there was BlackBerry Messenger. It enabled BlackBerry device owners to easily chat with each other and share content. The world has changed a lot over the past decade and BlackBerry is no longer the king of the phone market. It’s not even a player anymore and while it tried to keep BBM alive, it’s now admitting defeat on this front.

BBM Video Calling Goes Live In Asia-Pacific
BlackBerry has been rolling out the beta version of BBM Video over the past few weeks. The feature has already been introduced in the United States and Canada, it enables people using iPhones and Android devices to make video calls to each other. The feature is already available to BlackBerry 10 OS users. The company has announced that BlackBerry Messenger video calling is now live in the Asia-Pacific region.

BBM For Android Finally Gets Video Chat In Beta
BlackBerry Messenger users on BlackBerry 10-powered devices have been able to make video calls for quite some time now, but this feature hasn’t been expanded to iOS and Android users as yet, even though they now form a significant chunk of the messaging service’s user base. That changes today as a new update of BBM for Android has been released which finally brings the video chat feature in beta.

July Was One Of The Strongest Months For BlackBerry Messenger Growth
BlackBerry’s hardware division hasn’t exactly been doing well over the past couple of years but the company did make one good decision and that was to spinoff BlackBerry Messenger as a separate division. This has allowed the company to improve its cross-platform messaging service considerably and add more value to it. As the company gears up to celebrate BBM’s 10th birthday this month it has revealed that July was one […]


BBM For iPhone Returns To The App Store
Late last night the BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone app was mysteriously pulled from the App Store. It didn’t make any sense since the app has been available for download through the App Store for quite some time now, some chalked it up as a glitch and remained hopeful that BBM would soon make its return. Indeed it has, BBM for iPhone is once again live on the App Store and can […]

BBM Protected Now Works With iOS And Android
BlackBerry Messenger is no longer exclusive to the company’s own devices. It is available for rival platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. However some BBM features start off by being exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones. One of those features is now being expanded to the iOS and Android apps. BBM Protected is available for both popular mobile platforms..

BBM For Windows Phone Public Launch Expected Soon
BlackBerry Messenger has seen significant growth in its user base ever since BlackBerry decided to take it cross-platform. BBM apps have been available for both iOS and Android for quite some time now, and a couple of months back a beta was also released for Windows Phone users. The BBM for Windows Phone beta has received a new update and with it the company has revealed that the public launch […]

BBM Gets Message Retraction And Ephemeral Features
Ever wished for the power to retract a message after you had mistakenly sent it? Well you will soon be able to do that in BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry’s head of product and brand marketing for BBM, Jeff Gadway, has revealed two new features that are currently being tested in limited beta but will soon be available across all platforms BBM is available on. These features include ability to retract messages and […]

BlackBerry Removes Queue For BBM For iOS And Android
BBM for iOS and Android is without doubt a success, given that the app saw 10 million downloads in a 24-hour period. However like we mentioned last time, the 10 million downloads might not necessarily mean 10 million active iOS and Android BBM users since there was a queue that one would have to place themselves in to start using the service. Presumably this was put into place to help […]

BlackBerry Fixing BBM For iOS
Assuming you were one of those who actually went ahead to install BBM for iOS, there is a very good chance that you might have actually noticed the particular update to iOS 7.0.3 that appeared on Tuesday caused this particular messaging app to crash. This happens whenever you press a contact name that is listed under Chats, although there were other users who reported that the app crashes the moment […]

BlackBerry Announces 5 Million Download Milestone For BBM On iOS And Android
BBM for iOS and Android was finally re-released and last we heard, the app managed to sail to the number 2 position on the iTunes App Store (we hear that it is now number 1). Given the popularity the last time round, we expect that now with the app having its issues fixed and being all official, many would be eager to download it and according to the recent numbers […]

BlackBerry Releases BBM How To Videos For iOS And Android
All right, so the big news for this evening when it comes to BlackBerry is not that the company has found a suitable suitor to take over, but rather, that BBM for iOS as well as BBM for Android are now available. Have you already downloaded BBM onto your handset? For those who do not have the time to figure things out on your own, how about a “How To” […]

BBM For Desktop Demoed At BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could chat on your desktop and have it sent to a messaging platform on a mobile device? As it stands there are a multitude of options, such as Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Line, and etc., but if you’re a heavy BBM user, it seems that during the BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013, BlackBerry showed off BBM running on a Windows computer, essentially mirroring the app […]

BBM For Android Leaked Apk Surfaces Online
It has already been announced that BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android is going to be released this weekend. Nevertheless, a BBM for Android leaked APK has shown up online. Unlike previous leaks, this one appears to be fully functional. The official release is slated for September 21st on the Google Play Store, iOS users will have to wait just one additional day to get the once BlackBerry exclusive instant […]