[CES 2012] The green trend is set to continue and be a permanent fixture in our devices these days (and of tomorrow), and Eton takes this route with their latest release – the Rukus Solar portable Bluetooth sound system. Since it has Bluetooth connectivity, toting this around will give you untethered freedom, leaving one less cable to worry about. In addition to that, the Rukus Solar is styled very attractively, so that you will not feel out of place when bringing this outside for your skateboarding sessions. A couple of full-range speaker drivers ensures that your ears will be treated to a decent level of music, while you can always juice it up the old school method should someone decide to turn off the sun.

In order to further conserve energy, the Rukus Solar sports an E Ink display. Good thinking there, since hanging out in the sun is definitely going to make a standard issue LCD display virtually unreadable, so taking the E Ink route makes perfect sense. According to Eton, this bad boy is more or less “indestructible,” although we are quite sure this is not Superman-level indestructible. Expect to fork out around $150 for this bad boy when it arrives.

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